Broken finger

I broke the very tip of my finger. Does anyone know how long this will take to heel or when I will be able to ride again?

be like Ronnie Lott and cut that sumbitch off...

tape it up and ride through the pain. Now if it were a broken back or knee........

Only wimps would let something like a little broken finger keep them from riding. Just let me know when your ready to sell your bike. :):D

Tape it up and ride like hell!!! :)

yea tape it p and you will be fine. oh wait i have already said that.

Yeah Man.........a little tape, a couple of ibebrokens(advil) :):D:D

1. you can ride now - it won't hurt it

2. The pain ought to go away in two weeks.

Hey guys thinks for all your remarks. I think after I get the stiches out next Friday I will tape it up an go for a ride.

I broke the very tip of my thumb April 28th. Just got back from the specialist today. It isn't completely healed yet but she has cleared me to dirt ride again. Xrays two months after the fact still show it has not filled up yet. I just recently started to get feeling back in it.

I was riding my street bike two weeks after the accident but I could't get on the WR until now.

Yesterday a car got on my way as I was wheeling and we hit each other. My right foot was between the car and the bike, and I broke 3 fingers, 3,4,5. They are bound together with 2nd. Anyway I drove my bike and my car all day long. The only hard time is getting it started, as I have to kick it with my left foot standing on my right. Pain is what shows us that we are still alive after all :)

Good pictures. Some of you might want to invest in a good set of knobbies mabye some riding gear like boots, maybe a helmet? Looks like there is some great riding in your neck of the woods. Either the booze is great over there or you guys are just crazy!! Have fun and try not to wheelie into anymore cars. Later.........

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