Help please 04 wr 450

Hi guys ive got a bit of a problem with my wr .The hot start has seized inside the carb. has anyone came across this before ?. And how did you go about repairing it. Many thanks for any info.

Does anyone have any links for a manual on these carbs. Or has anyone got a repair manual that they can copy for me.

I dont remember how it looks

can you get a self tapping screw into it and pull it out?

do you need a carb schematic?

Yes please anything to help. Any info would be greatfull. ive taken off the hot start cable from the carb, and ive tried soaking it in wd 40 but that hasnt worked. So i need to know how strip down and get it freeded off.

Is the cable broken? if not can you not pull it out by the cable? did you try heating the outside of the carb with a heat gun or hair dryer, maybe that will help. here is a link to yamaha manuals, they are for european models but will mostly be the same for us models, carb should be identical.

Is the plunger still stuck in the hole after the cable is removed?

If so just remove the plastic nut atop the hole and get some thin nosed pliers. Reach in and pull the plunger out.

The plunger has an o-ring seal that will be holding it in, that will be bunged up with shit.

There are only two parts to it, the plunger and the o-ring seal.

Thanks guys ive managed to strip out the hot start. And yes it was full crud, and now with a good clean its working perfect. there's still going to be a few more questions once again thanks guys

the plastic piece that screws into the carb on top of the hot start broke on me.It caused an airleak and it was running funky,that how I noticed it.

Procircut makes an aluminum piece to replace it.

when my plunger got stuck it scored up the cylinder that it sat in . had to hit it with a valve guide bore . works great now .

also pulled mine out with needle nose pliers and lots of swearing .

I think working this wr is going to be fun,has its been stood for 14 months. in what looks like in a coal mine. So there's going to plenty to keep me busy.

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