Quick help, need oil and no shops are open

I committed the cardinal sin of dirt bikes, I began working on my bike late Saturday evening, and now I need something and the shops are closed.

Decided to change my oil and oil filter before the races tomorrow. I had one oil filter and one quart of oil. While leaning the bike over to get the last big of old oil to come out, I knocked over the open container of my new oil and lost half of it. The local shops are closed, and I need a quart of oil for my 08 YZ450F. Are there any suitable substitues I can get at a Pep Boys, Advanced, Wal-Mart etc. that won't harm my bike?

Typically I only buy motorcycle specific motor oil, such as Bel Ray 4-stroke oil, so I have no expertise on other types of oil. HELP please !!

ive gotten valvoline 10w 40 oil from autozone, there is a quad on the bottle but it worked good. i used it as a break in oil after rebuilding my oil. any oil is ok as long as it doesnt say energy conserving on the label. alot of people run rotella 15w40

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic ?w-50 should be available at Wal-Mart. In a pinch like that, that's which way I would go. They may even have Mobil 1 Racing 4T, or V-Twin, in which case, there are few oils as good that can be bought anywhere.

I still have 550 ml of my BelRay Thumper Semi-Synthetic 20W-50 (API SG), and I found some regular BelRay 10W-40 (API SG, JASO MA) with 750 ML left in the bottle. Can I mix the two together, or would I be better of just getting a new quart of Mobul 1 at Wal-Mart?

You can mix them. Just consider the result to be a 20W-50 SG oil. It's not optimal, but it will work.

At PepBoys I found Castrol 4T motorcycle oil 10W-40 SG/SH. Sounds better than the Mobil 1 because its Motorcycle specific?

The Advance Auto in our town sells Mobil one V-twin 20-50 motorcycle specific oil, I think they also have the 10-40. Mike

At PepBoys I found Castrol 4T motorcycle oil 10W-40 SG/SH. Sounds better than the Mobil 1 because its Motorcycle specific?
Sounds better, but I've got $5 says it ain't.
Sounds better, but I've got $5 says it ain't.

I had the Mobil 1 extended performance full synthetic in my hand, but noticed on the back of the bottle it said "Energy Conserving", which my manual said to specifically avoid. Wal-Mart didn't have any Mobil 1 that didn't have the "energy conserving" on the back of the bottle.

I change my oil and oil filter every other ride anyway, so I would hope this Castrol will cause no harm in the interim. It met all the specific requirements outlined in my manual.

"Energy Conserving II" (EC II) is the problematic grading.

The oil you chose will probably lube just fine while it lasts, but don't trust it to be good for more than one ride day.

mobil1 4t is for wet clutch, its the only oil i run in my bike

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