DRZ470 vs WR400

Will my DRZ470S (piped) have more top end speed than the WR400 or the XR650R? Any ideas? I know the bottom is stronger, what about revving out on the road?

we've already had a guy over - here. same thing & the result was that the wr had the legs on it off the bottom, roll on in third & on top as well.

the dr was however better at parallel parking, reversing & loading on the truck.


don't forget the secret compartment for the remote control, or the cupholder. by the way, do you have recline on that couch?

Its too bad no one has the guts to give a straight answer. What's with the attitude? Not everybody rides the same bike, I just wanted to do a comparison. Anyone have a real answer???

The first part of Taffy's response was a real answer (I believe) - did you expect to ask that question here and not take some heat? If we had any thoughts the DRZ was a stronger, faster, better handling bike....we probably would have bought it.

Seriously - one area that the DRZ is clearly a leg up on the WR - since I added the 5' of chain, my boat has never pulled it off the bottom. :)

Maybe I wasnt clear---my DRZ has an overbore kit (470CC) with high compression and a full yosh exhaust.

Pushed hard the WR will win out over the DRZ. Plus the suspension on the DRZ is limited as is, getting it to go faster would be more abuse for the challenged suspension to handle. For all out speed the XR will smoke both bikes.

I'm not slamming the DRZ. It is just better suited to trail only.



86TT225, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.

What am I missing? Is a 470cc DR-Z that popular? Are a bunch of WR owners supposed to know the complete performance charachteristics of it? Did you port it? What carb are you running? Cam? Why do you think a bunch of Yamaha owners will know the performance charachteristics of YOUR bike? Why do you think that a 70cc on YOUR bike will last long enough for you to find out? Why would anybody try to make a CADILLAC fast? Hey, The Army's M-1 tank will do about 60 mph, that's pretty fast for a tank.

why on earth would you bring a cub into a lions den to find that out? try the xr650 board, their posts are going off the hook!

My 98 WR with correct gearing will go about 100mph. I have heard others say about the same number. A unrestricted XR650R with correct gearing will run about 105mph I think. What will your DR run? If you can't reach 100mph you don't have a chance.


I had a 2000 DRZ for a year. It was my re-entry to off-road. I loved the bike.

However as I increased my practice and spent more time at high speed I found the suspension was not up to the task. I did not like the seat slope (I had to fight to stay on in the twisty stuff). I did not like the placement of the bars (to close to the rider) so there were alot of basic comfort issues with the bike.

However if you are just concerned with drag racing a stock (just the baffles removed) WR will probably be slower that a 470DRZ with pipe, cams, ignition module, different chain wheels.

I traded my DRZ for a WR because I could spend less on upgrades and have a more comfortable bike that was happier at higher speed

Try getting on the husaberg homepage...

I answered a post that said my 470 eats wr426's...

I said my ole' husaberg just ate parts.

I thought hand to hand was going to ensue.

Birds of a feather...

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