I just got a green sticker for my 2000 wr400

I went down to the DMV and told them i lost the green sticker for my kids bike TTR125 and they replaced it for $2.00 any one have experience with this kinda fraude? Is there any chance of getting cought and what are the penalties? Any info would be great

great example for your kids!!!

"Here son this is how yo screw the government commit fraud and spend time in jail with your new boyfriends."

great example

There are specific penalties, but I do not recall what they are. I do, however, recall that the price was very high.

There was an earlier post here on that very subject. Maybe 3-4 weeks ago.


I agree, soon the kids going to out grow his 125 and need something a little bigger so he will have to figure out how to get his own dam green sticker. At least I could provide this example for him so he doesent get stuck in the back of pack.

If you decide to make use of the DMV incompentence do not post it on the internet.

Your only protection is if the tag and the bike VIN match on the registeration. If the sticker is green and the DMV computer info shows red with a differenct license number you're in for some grief if the officer has an attitude. Check this post


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