Your Favorite STONYFORD Trails ??

I'm heading up to Stonyford on Sat. and was wondering what trails other riders like. A couple of my favorites are 20 22. I'll be heading out from Little Stony staging area. Any favorite loops from there?


Went on a day trip yesterday and the access road to Digger Pines is still closed. Sooooooo, my favorites from Davis Flats are as follows: Tractor ridge all the way to the top, left on M5. Right at the trail at the Hairpin turn, left on the fire road, right at the start of 22, 22 all the way to 20, 20 up to the fire road, right on 15, 15 all the way down. 15 back up to fire road and M5, left on M5, left on shagnasty (whiteface), right on the end of tractor ridge trail, over the river and back to Davis flats. Whew!

Are you ready for the after lunch Ride? PS I like 21 as well.


After snack: Letts Ridge all the way to the top, A littly single track on 35 and 36 at the top of potato hill, after that I enjoy 12, 13 and that area because people just can't find it. Usually back down via potato hill. Thats loop #2.

Tom Maguire


Thanks for the loops. Isn't Digger Pines the same as Little Stony? If so - why did they close the dirt road out to the staging area - mud slid? Any idea if it will be reopened by this weekend? I'm meeting 4 other riding buddies at LS and if it is closed it's going to get a little confusing! Where is the next best place to meet?

Thanks Dan

You guys need to see some of the "hidden stuff" that we only use on the enduro. The FS makes us brush them over after the event, but if you know where they are, they are a real kick.

Rainman :)

bump :)


I doubt they will have the road open. I have gone twice in the last 3 weeks and the road was still closed.

The next best place is Wolf Creek Staging area. Its the closest.

Wishin I could go,


Digger Pines is Little Stony....sorry I'm not politically correct. The road has been closed since the big rains of December but its possible it will be open by this weekend since its so nice.

Rainman, Hey I raced that enduro I know where those trails are! And they are sweet.

Useful number - Ranger station at Stonyford - 530-963-3128.

Give em a buzz, they'll let you know.

Tom Maguire

Are rangers or any other law enforcement enforcing the new minimum sound law up in this area?



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