Reset ODO and Hour counter on TE510


i have a short question, is it possible to reset my ODO and Hour counter\on a Husky TE510 2007,

first i thought is was just removing the internal battery, so i opened the unit to search for it, but there was no battery ??

can anyone help me with this....

Kind regards. Edwin

edwin, i dont know about the 510, but on the te 450, (06) the motor must be running, and yes you can reset the odometer. did you get a manual with your bike, if so it could help you with these kind of questions. good luck:ride:

i have tried to reset but i can only reset the trip, and not the hour counter or the ODO.

I'm not sure you should be doing this on a registered street bike. Illegal on cars....probably illegal on your bike.

Hi glanston,

I'm aware of that, but there is a reason why i want to reset it.

My current speedometer's LCD screen is broken, i can read the odo but the lcd screen is getting worser everyday, that's why a bought another speedometer, but on that meter the ODO says 15.000 KM, and this one i want to reset and put that on my bike and the broken one i will keep as a spare, if i want the sell the bike in the future.

Won't disconnecting the battery zero everything out except the hours?


No, the hours and ODO are stored in the eeprom which is inside the speedometer, when i disconnect the battery, only the trip meters and the clock will reset.

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