Squeaky Brakes

Every few rides, my front brakes will squeak while riding slow. My 250 did it and now my 450 is doing it. I think even the back brakes are starting to do it.

The pads and rotors look good, work good and seem free

What is going on ?

Disc brakes squeak because the pads vibrate against the rotor, and that vibration is transmitted through the pad to the caliper piston. If you have removed the steel shim plates from behind the pads, that may be why it squeaks, since the shims help damp the vibes and stop the noise. Try roughing up the surface of the pads with a piece of coarse sandpaper on a flat plate.

Also, there might be a problem with whatever you wash the bike with.

I have not removed the shims, but the bikes are used, they might be missing. I will check for them and try sanding the pads. I thought the brakes might be dragging, but they don't seem hot or tight. I was thinking maybe I need to lube the pins that the calipers move on. Having the problem on 2 bikes, I figured it was a common WR problem, but I did not find anything with a search. None of my other bikes have done this. Maybe I will try anti-squeal paste for automotive brake pads. As for washing, I only use the garden hose.


are the rotors heavily glazed? also why are u riding slow :worthy:

Maybe it's not the brakes. If you apply the brakes does the noise go away or change? Does the noise get worse as your bike has been moving for a while? My daughter rides a CRF250x and the front wheel bearings did this, I thought it was the brakes too. I rode the bike and as the wheel bearings would warm up they would start to squeal.

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