So cal desert riding gearing

Hey guys, curious to see what gearing everyones running that rides in the open deserts of So Cal., such as Ocotillo Wells, Stoddard Valley. I ride a YZ426 and need to change it up as the previous owner had it geared for Glamis.

I run my '06 with either stock, or one tooth higher than stock gearing. On your 426, that would be 49/14, or 48/14. There are occasions when I'd like one more tooth off, but they are fairly rare for me. Not so much my son, however. He'd probably like it another notch up.

What Gray suggests is about right. It really depends on whether you are going to ride rocky, technical uphills. If so, I would remove a tooth or two from the rear. If not, I would consider adding a tooth to the counter sprocket. When we ride Baja for fun, we run this gearing and it is about perfect.

Thanx guys. Think I'll pick up a new rear tomorrow

Hey guys I found a 14 front in my toolbox... what should I expect different on my top end if I go from my 13/50 setup to a 14/50?

About 6-7 mph in 5th. 50/14 is still one tooth lower than stock, but it will be way better than what you have. If it was me, I'd go get a 48 for the rear to go with it.

thanx Gray

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