TT500 oil change question.

I just inherited as 77' TT500. I drained the oil from the bottom side of the engine (toward the back) and then from the frame. Oil came out of the frame after I had removed the lower oil drain bolt first. Is there two spots to add oil? I only see the oil spout on top of the frame in front of the gas tank. I'm not sure if it has two seperate oil cavitites like the Honda CRF. One for the tranny/clutch, the other for the top end. I'm not even sure if it's going run. I just want to make sure that it has oil. Also weight of oil, brands, and oil level. Help!!!


IIRC the xt/tt500 series was a dry sump design. My XT has the dipstick in the frame, but has a drain on the frame in front of the engine. I don't know of one on the gearbox as I haven't checked yet. Just remove both bolts, and let it drain overnight. Also remember that if a dry sump bike has been sitting for a long time, the oil seeps into the engine and it seems 'empty'. Then if you fill it up again, the moment you start the engine the excess oil will possibly blow out the PCV valve or in extreme cases, past your rings. You should be fine with a good quality dino oil of 40W. Hope this helps

The only place the oil needs to go is at the frame plug between the gas tank and steering head. I usually run 10w/40 or 20w/50 in my '76.

Oil capacity is about 2.1 quarts. Don't forget to change the oil filter. It's behind the round cap held by 3 bolts on the right engine case. (Don't overtighten on reinstallation).Filters are still easy to come by oem or aftermarket.

2.0 litres and 2.1 liters when you change the filter. 10W/30 SE or 20w/40 SE should work. You guys wouldn't happen to know where I could get a yellow rear fender for a '77 TT 500e in North America? Preferably in Canada. Plus I can't get my pettcock to quit leaking. Did I put it back together wrong after cleaning it? It seemed to only go back together the one way.

Some petcocks are known to shred the selector gaskets. Mine did it and I installed another cutoff switch right after the petcock. Hope this helps

No just 2.2 U.S. quarts in the top of frame above the tank.

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