ESPN2 Schedules

So, I'm sure this is a dumb question, but are all the motox races on now reruns, or are they still racing? I thought the season was over a couple months ago. I love watching motox, just don't know that much about the season...



The stuff on ESPN2 now is the 125/250 outdoor nationals, they usually show the races with about a week delay from the live race. The outdoor series started in May and ends in Sept. and the Supercross series will start in Jan. and end in May of 2003. Its all good!

That's good to know. It was kind of a bummer watching RC dominate everyone again-but what can ya expect. Jeremy Mc doesn't race outdoors does he?

Mcgrath does not ride the outdoor nationals, sometimes he will ride one or two races, Glen Helen in Southern Calf. and sometimes Washougal outside of Portland OR. I would like to see Carmicheal on the CRF450!

I'd like to see RC on anything other than the top level of the podium, to be honest. At least when Mc dominated, it was on a blue machine...

I think if they put charmichael on a 450 you won't see him so much up on the podium.

The skinny guy doesn't look strong enough to

whip around these bigger "Pig Bikes" :)

My thoughts exactly-he's just a little fellar...

So, I'm guessing he won't do the 450 any time soon

No WAY! Im sure he could do it on a 450F. Have you seen pics of wips? He gets the bike almost upside down! the dude is insane.

Hey we should send in a petition to "Team Woody"

Let them know our thoughts about Carmicheal ability to push the bike around the track.

Wonder if they'd care. I doubt it as loong as he's keeps kicking Azz on the 250.

Another reason I think he'd be all messed up is he's used to the 2 smoke world. Big difference there.

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