YZ426 w/E-Line stator and HID

Guys, if I install the Eline stator with the 2x100watt outputs and rectifier on my YZ426 can I run a HID Baja Designs or do I need to stick with a halogen when not using a battery?

Although it's possible to run HID lighting off of AC voltage, the ballasts of almost all commercially available HID lights for off-roading require DC. That means you will need a rectifier and a voltage regulator, and you should have a small L-Ion battery pack as a system damper.

The E-Line stator comes with a rectifier to convt to DC but I was told I still need to run a battery for the HIDs

A battery is not strictly necessary, but it's a very good idea, and recommended by most HID light manufacturers to serve to keep the lamp from going out and re-igniting repeatedly at low speeds, and to help keep the voltage more constant. It doesn't have to be a very big or heavy thing. A simple rechargeable NiMH pack will do. Be sure your set up has a regulator.

Please note all your stepps as you go thru and pic's always say a 1000 words.

I also have a 426 and was thinking about adding some lights for when dark cathes you on your way to camp.

Where are you finding the e-line stator?

friend has 1 left he is selling... had 5 (new)

Well I just installed my E-Line stator and had Baja Designs build me a single 8 inch racelight with a 100watt halogen bulb. I also got a clear and a yellow rock guard. Hooked it all up tonight and DAMN! This thing is way bright. I think its brighter than the 2 7" HIDs on my Rhino. I still have an extra lead to add another 80 watt light too.... don't know why I would ever need it.

Now I have a new problem. I have oil seeping out of the inspection cover on the E-line stator cover. It gets to a drip at operating temp. I can't find another paper gasket as these units are discontinued, so my question is can I just use high temp RTV silicon gasket maker for this particular gasket? Has anyone had any luck with this on an external stator cover or the factory cover?

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