2001 Wr400f With Yoshimura.what Jets?


Just wondered if anyone out there knows what new Jets or carb settings are needed to accomidate a Yoshimura RS-3 Oval Silencer.I fitted it on my 2001 WR400F today and although the bike ran ok,it didn't seem to pull as well and felt down on power to normal.Can anybody help as it will save me a lot of time and probably hasstle.Cheers !!!!!!!!!:worthy:

Hi mate

I have WR400 '00 with a yoshi,(yz timed) its got a jd needle in it now,but even when i had a yz and ekn needle i still used 45p or 42p for high up and 165 or 162 main,this gave me good power everywhere.look up the free mods,blank off the thing on the side,tap a screw and adjust the pump squirt.I just got hold of a yz426 ignition to see if it makes any difference.:worthy:

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