guess what boys, it's in my garage!!!

today I got the call at 12:35 saying that my bike was in and uncorked.So at about 12:37, I was on the road. I can't believe it's here. The little I rode it tonight, it seems really smooth accelerating.Alot of bottom end. I put the Thunder Alley pipe on it.Before I put the pipe on it, it seemed to sputter when to try to hold it at one constant speed(whatever it may be.)So Iput the new pipe on and rejetted it to a 155 mj,it came stock with a 150. It runs real good, but it still does the same thing.But without tearing the carb out of it tonight,Because I am going riding to a place called Walker Valley tommorrow. I will mess with it after I break it in and ride it for a whole day. I will keep you guys posted. So far so good!!! What do you guys think it might be?This is the first bike I have ever purchased that came with extra jets. It came with a 155 and a 145 mjets.(one smaller and one bigger than stock. It also came with a new pilot jet(40) and 45 is stock.Wish me luck!!

How does the over 40 button work?

Thanks Jay


i'm confused !! you said it sputtered when you tried to hold it at a constant speed but when you put the thunder alley pipe on it and rejetted it ran better but did the same thing !! do you mean it still sputtered but just not as bad ??? i am curious cause i am getting mine monday !!

one more thing ... i was at work today and your post popped in my head ( at work thinkin about dirt bikes ) it sounds like it could be an air fuel mixture problem. stick an old t-shirt in your airbox and cover the filter and take it for a spin. if it gets better you have too much air if it gets worse you don't have enough air. or you can take the filter out and ride it if it gets better you don't have enough air and if i gets worse you have too much air !! just my 2 cents !!

This sounds like the infamous(sp) WR426 mid throttle stammering. If you were accelerating or decelerating every thing was fine. Hold the throttle steady about mid throttle, and it would come back. The fix? Well on my bike I ran it for 50 to 100 miles and it got better. The grey wire disconnect was supposed to be a cure and for some it was but not for others. I disconnected my grey wire and MAYBE saw a little improvement. I think it's something that these Yamahas just do.

Thanks you for the information! We went riding today, and I have to say it did great. The power is just so smooth coming on, it just seems to want to keep pulling. I really did't find this really out until about 3 hrs. into the day. You know after I broke it in.That was sure the hardest thing to do(not being able to go fast and all)I have already noticed things getting better the more I ride it. It has already got 25 miles on her.

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