06 WR 450 Valve Check

I have about 300 miles on my wr450 mostly trails and a little on a track. Is it time to check the valve clearances? :worthy:

how hard do you ride,if you hit the rev limiter alot then you should check um.

my friend has a 06 and it's got more than 800 adult miles and still runs strong.with no adjustment,that's his deal.

my 08 has about 30 adult hours "meaning i haul asss but don't pin it in one gear at rev limiter more than one to two seconds" and it runs awsome but i'm checking them this week.

i would check them to get an idea of how fast they are streaching but unless you really ride on the throttle your probly fine.

I'd wait til about 500 and do it. Then you'll never have to do it again.

i check my 06 once a year they haven't moved yet and it's adult ridden and ridden hard with about 1500 miles on it .

ditto what squid said, but I would check them anyhow, easy to do......


If you're not sure how to check them, http://www.motopowervideo.com has a DVD that walks you through it. There are DVD's on forks, shocks, top ends, carbs, bearings and basic maintenance too.

The motopower vids are good. Good tips and they show you how to do alot of things with common tools rather than buying the specialty tool :worthy:

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