brake pressure switch

hey guys is this the brake pressure switch i need for my 99 yz400f i have the elextrex lighting coil and head light already installed i had just a regular tail light but i am making it street legal and ive got a tail/brake like to install just want to make sure i get the right pressure switch. I was thinking of just installing on the rear brake or should i put on the front considering you use front more?

this is the one i was looking at is this right

That will work but have you tried your local shops, it may be cheaper than ordering and paying shipping. I can't remember what mine cost.

If you need to have the bike inspected you will probably need a switch on both the front and the rear brake depending on the laws in Ontario.

I have one like that and I think I payed about $20 for it locally. As stated above, check on your local law regarding the front brake too.

thanx i'll check actually my bike is already blue plated so i won't have to get it inspected......

Call Eric at Vicious Cycle in New Dundee - I believe he has K&S pressure switches in stock.

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