Got Mine Yesterda

I got the call yesterday at noon. The Salesman stated, ‘Tom, got something from Yamaha, your WR is delayed (Pause), until 2:00 this afternoon”. I told him, don’t yank my chain! I ran over to the shop right after work at 4:00 and there she was. I was first on the list and it’s seems like it’s been an eternity. Grand Prix Motor Sports did a great job for me. I’m heading out to Thunder Valley this weekend. Suppose to be in the 50s on Sunday here in Colorado. I can’t wait! My wife didn't understand why I wanted to sleep in the garage. AWSOME MACHINE!

Congrats ! Picking up mine from Vickery Motorsports on Tuesday. Interested in how the dealer jetting works out there in Thunder Valley (Lakewood). I think I'll stop out at the Valley on Sunday just to hear it rumble. Do you have any info on retro fitting 02' aftermarket parts, like pipes ?

dealer jetting?LMAO!!!!your kidding right? :)

Since Performance Cycle stopped doing service, Vickery is probably the only dealer in Colorado that I would trust to do anything to a Yamaha. My buddies YZ426 rips and it was set up by Bruce Sass.

Anyone have their WR setup by Vickery?

Don't know on the pipes. Frame is different so retro may or may not work depending on what you have in mind. We'll see how the altitude jetting works this weekend. :)

yah,those guys at Performance Cycle were the best!wonder who the dirt tuner was?*wink-wink-nudge-nudge* i here he was cool guy too! :)

I actually never had Performance set up a dirt bike for me. Only had them do work on street bikes but they always knew what setup worked. They had tons of info from dyno runs and I could just buy the jet kit they had tested and drop it into my bike. Same with pipes.

When I bought one for my XR400, Donny gave me the jetting information I needed and my bike ripped compared to stock.

Did you work there? I miss having a shop with a large database to get information from.

i was the lead tech before the change to chain lube emporium.i was the one that came up with all the jetting numbers.

Sorry, but 400/426 exhaust parts WON'T fit on the 450. The angles and lengths are different. I'm not sure much of anything from the 426's will fit at all. There's been so much changed and improved on that you probably gonna be better off buying the new stuff. Check on the YZ side of TT for some suggestions. The YZ boys have been riding their 450's for months now. They've got the scoop on the free mods & what aftermarket stuff works.

Good luck with the new bike & I jealous of you guys.

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