WR450 question for new owners...

What does the ignition switch look like? Is it a key that can be removed or is it simply an on/off switch?


It is simply a push button switch with LED to show when it is on

PS I like your new signature

Thanks for the info! I plan to dual-sport mine and would like the option of having a key to remove. Know if anyone makes something like that aftermarket?

About the signature...I'm trying hard every day to remain calm. :)

The Electrex Dakar kit has a key but I don't think that they have a kit yet for the new WRs. If they did I would be an owner.


i think it does have a key. when saban posted his intermod pics i think it showed a key hole if i remember correctly !!

no it does not have a key. It is just what he said. Just a push button led light. The light goes out after it starts.

Is anybody familar with the DRZ keyed switch? Any ideas if that could be modified to act like the push button on the WR?

When my WR gets here, I'll swap you the button for the key. :)

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