New WR450s

Congratulations to all of you OTHER WR450 owners. I am so happy to see other guys getting their new scoots too. I haven't ridden mine (had it a week today) yet but I am going to go out and get it muddy this Saturday, but hey, they wash. I worked on mounting my analog speedometer last night but now I have to move my headlight ahead about 1 inch. I also have to re-locate the on/off button as the speedo is a hair too wide. I will do that here at work today. I also raised the forks in the triple clamps and took out some pre-load on the rear shock. This all brought the seat hight down so that I can touch the ground.


i'm gonna have to do the same thing jim . i am 5'10"

165 lbs. i'm deffinitly gonna have to lower the seat height or strap a 50 lb weight to my back.i currently have a 97 DR435 and it's seat height is 36.2 inches compared to the WR's 39.2. it realy might not be that much harder to reach the ground cause my DR has a wide seat. i will know for sure monday when i pick my WR up !!

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