05 450 Rear Suspension

I recently blew the rear shock on my bike, and upon trying to fix it, noticed the threads were stripped on the shock body. Previouse owner raced a lot and I assume, was always revalving and adjusting, so the shock got a work out.

Instead of sending it out to get rebuilt and have them tell me they wont work on it because the threads are stripped, I'm thinking of buying a new used one.

I've been looking on ebay for an 03-05 rear shock and cant find much. Found a few 06's and wouldn't mind the upgraded shock.

I searched the site looking for differences on length and cant find a definitive answer. So I'm wondering if a newer rear shock will fit my 05. I've read they will bolt up, but the length is different, and could have adverse effects?

Anyone have some input?



if you get the correct sag numbers you can keep the shock, a decent shop will have a spring compressor and can remove the spring without undoing the top nut.

I sent a question a store on ebay who was selling multiple shocks for a couple different year bikes, and he replied with an 03-05 and an 06 have the same length rear shock. 19 1/4" by his measuring. I'm not sure a tape measure is accurate enough to determine the lengths, but I think im gonna try it anyways.

I'm also thinking of buying another one because, I would have just as much in a rebuild and shipping as a new used one. This way i can have the full range of adjustment on the shock preload too.

Anyone else have any input?

Anyone running different year shocks on their bikes?

It will work. I run a 04 shock on my 07. The 07 is longer but just a couple of millimeters. You could also run a shock off of a 250 but the valving is different.

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