Does Anyone with a 450 know how to weigh it???????

Come on..... Let us know what it weighs, and how the weight feels when you ride it.....?????????????

I am interested too! The owners manual on my 02 WR426 said 268 with gas. If the WR450 comes in under that, I will be very happy.


I have no idea where to find a scale big enough to put my WR on, (complete bike that is).


Try putting each wheel on a bathroom scale and adding the results. Lots of people will argue about the accuracy, but its usually within a couple of pounds.

A regular 'people' scale should work, just lay a 2x8(or anything wide/long enough for the bike that can hold the weight - a narrow bike ramp would be perfect) on, get a weight for that first, then roll the bike on.....then subtract the weight of the board....viola!!!

Pick the bike up, stand on the scale..... :)

Here is an idea I just thought of. If you have a bike stand; the kind you stand on a arm to lift it up, if it is low enough you could set it on a scale, record the weight, slide it under the center of the bike, lift it with the lever, and you should have the bike weight after you subtract the weight of the bike stand. Make sure the scales will handle the combined weights.

go to recycling center and all you do is roll the bike on the small scale that is usually imbedded in cement -not the one for cars/trucks- this scale is state tested and accurate. I hold bike with my hand cause leaning bike on kickstand will throw off weight by about one pound. I wish the mags would take a picture of the bikes they test on a real scale with the digital readout displayed on the scale.

Weigh each wheel on a bathroom scale but put a block of wood the same height as the top of the scale under the other wheel, add em up and please post it for us!

here's an idea . get 2 bathroom scales and put one under each tire and add up the results !! yeah yeah i know who has 2 bathroom scales?

:D:):D :D

put the bathroom scale on TOP of the bike stand then manuver the beast onto it, that ought to work just like many of these suggestions

This way would work just as well as 2 scales. Since the bike is level, you are not placing more weight on the wheel that is lower.

just ride it its alot more fun than weighing it . What does it matter anyway the thing is HEAVY!!!!!!

I know! I know! I know! I Know!!!!!! WHO CARES!!!!!! its a sweat bike! Just ride the thing. A lighter bike is not always the best bike. Even xr650 are sweat bikes for some situations. How the weight is carried is a bigger deal then what 5lbs lighter will actually do. I beleive that my old Wr is the same as the new ones, and my C-dale weights about the same also. But the C-dale feels much, much lighter because the weight is caried so much lower. Some things are more obvious on a bike then 5lbs, Suspention, bars, tires, ect... ect... Set your bikes up and RIDE!!!!

I can't believe there are 14 posts on this!


I think its great. You guys are keeping me from going nuts while I am waiting for mine to come in. Any day now. Tim

I can't believe nobody has posted a weight yet! I know that how it feels is more important, but some of us just want to know. I can't believe its really all that much heavier than the YZ. Its based on the same components.

Can't somebody weigh the darn thing?????????????????????????

Get a buddy or two first.

turn off the gas.

put the back wheel on a regular bathroom scale.

hold the rear break on

have the buddy's lift up the front wheel so the bike is vertical.

barely touch the bike (to balance)so you don't throw of the weight much

look at the scale, and voila... :)

if you dont have a buddy rig up the front wheel over the rafters so you can houist it up on your own using a few tie downs.

I would suggest building a giant balance in your backyard. You can put your 426 or perhaps 250 pounds of dog food or budgies in one side, and a new wr450 in the other. If the dog food and budgie side is heavier, call the appropriate pet until the balance swings to neutral. Remove the remaining materials and weigh them by stuffing them into your clothing and standing on the scale at the landfill.(use caution if you've chosen the budgies, they have beaks. 'nuff said.) subtract your weight and the weight of your clothing, belly button lint, and any large blemishes you may be experiencing. Factor in the orbital positions of the sun, moon, starts and pia zadora and multiply by the ratio of total price paid for your WR450 over number of days waiting since you ordered it.

I believe this to be much more accurate than any bathroom scale method. Unless there is gas in the bike, in which case i dont know how you'd weigh it.


Yup, saboo me thinks thats how the magazines do it! :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.

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