Does Anyone with a 450 know how to weigh it???????

Just pick it up. If it weighs more than you wife, Your a lucky man! :) If I want her to know what I said I will tell her! :D

this is getting silly, :)

Weigh each wheel on a bathroom scale but put a block of wood the same height as the top of the scale under the other wheel, add em up and please post it for us!

Use a fish scale and hand it like a big tuna. Its gotta be better than 2 scales and a 2x4.

I have found the easiest way is to go down to the nearest truck stop and use their truck scales. They are accurate to 6 ounces. Only costs about 5 bucks, and you know for certian what it weighs.

Bonzai :)


Put a pig on one scale and your 450 on the other! :)

OK OK I'm done. I just had to - just kidding :D

Hey, that was good.

Will the owners of the new 450's go to the bike magazine of their choice and report to the whitewash department?

Nobody brought up this, but if you put the bike in a swimming pool and weigh it, you'll get the lean bike mass or LBM.

However, if you know the mass of the bike finding the weight is easy. Using the formula w = mg, where weight is a force proportional to the mass of a body and g is the constant of proportionality, or the acceleration of gravity, which is 9.80 m/s2 we could find the weight of the WR here on earth. Of course, on the moon, the gravitational pull would change effecting the weight of the WR.

So, perhaps the correct question is... what is the mass of a WR450?


Ha Blackie, we have enough of those acronymmmmsss. LBM's :) constant of proportionality? I think the bike weighs 245/3 on the moon yaknow. Let's both of us take a 300ft tabletop then and show these folks how it's done.


I'll hook up with you at the 2020 LunarCross Crater race series. It should be a blast for all of the old-timers who used to ride on earth. :)


It weighs five pounds more than the WR-426F. 245 lbs compared to 240 lbs. It also holds less fuel. 2.16 compared to 3.17.

Using a bathroom scale as mentioned before will do the trick. One wheel at a time, then add the two weights for your total.

The WR450F is stated as having a dry weight of: 247.5 pounds in the "2003 Yamaha WR" customer brochure from my canadian Yamaha dealer...

Is that with no fluids,no gas excetra???

Most of the bike companies have weights in their manuals that seem a little low as compared to when people actually weigh them.

Until one of the bike magazines get's one and weighs it I won't really believe anything I hear about the weight of the WR450.Sure do hope it's close to a KTM450EXC though!!!

Dry weight, no fluids added.

By the way, that's a claimed 247.5 lbs. dry for the canadian WR 450 compared to the claimed 246 lbs. dry for the canadian 2002 WR426F.

With oil and full fuel tank 269lbs.

Hey WRENCH where are u in WV? I am in the charleston area. Where did you get your WR450 and did they have any WR250's. Supposedly it will be 3-4 more weeks before my WR is here.

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