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I can tell you that the parts from '02 don't match for '03 on the YZ. Frame guards and pipe more than likely will not fit. Brake accessories should fit. Let us all know when you give it a shot.


I dont see how you do it.

I'm not that good of a liar.

Also, Whats your wifes e-mail? :)

In 1989, a couple of months before we got married, I took my “now” wife for a test-drive in a 1987 Bronco with 50K. Told her the price and she was ok with it. I dropped her off before I brought it back. I then bought a brand new one the same color as the used one. It took her two years to figure it out. Kids came along so it was the last new vehicle I have owned.


You guys are so smart. I am keeping a list of your e mail addresses, names and locations. I will then use this info to extort parts from you. I will turn you in to your wives should you not comply.

Never switch brands. All future motorcycles will be the old yamaha. If you get caught, you simply replaced the plastic.

Watch the colors! The average woman will notice the color combinations rather than the newness. Avoid all neon stickers that cannot be easily replaced. Always replace any crashed parts NOW!!! You do not want the crashed look burning into the brain. She will remember.

Having said that, I always tell the truth, mostly, about my new purchases.

Buy expensive target rifles and pistols. They all look the same.

You guys are terrible. And we wonder why the divorce rate is so high in this country. LOL

We get all kinds of good tips at TT. Maybe now I have a means of upgrading to the WR450! :)

thats easy..

right before you roll the 450 into the garage... run in the house and give you wife a pair of Diamond Earrings that you got her...

the bigger the diamonds, the less chance of her noticing the bike.... (learned this from my dad....lol)

Better yet, this summer I could do a weekend ride. I'll have the old '02 on the trailer when I leave and come back with a freshly mudded up '03.

This stuff is great, theres no limit to the amount of treachery we can share when you combine a worldwide group of repressed and financially abused husbands. My biggest problem is keeping my kids and their friends from noticing the new goodies on my bike. "WOW that new titanuim pipe is so cool, that musta cost a fortune"........Thanks kid. :D :D :)

Thats such a great idea, I bet my wife would never tell the deference between the 2 bikes.

I bet the trust factor in your home is zero

Or better the stupidity level is 100

Either way, Man that is a sad statement. I honestly feel sorry for you.

Hey EGO, too bad they made you drop the rest of your name since its so fitting.



Oh young and Foolish, how you do not understand the saga of Ego****

If you were not so lets say new

I would enlighten you on the life of ego

No one made me drop the name

I did if for newbies like yourself who can remember anything with more then two syllables :)

Plus It bothers me non comments by the likes of you, ya see it is becouse I pay no attention to lower life forms

Peace oh young Misfits

My wife just bought me the bike (WR450F) Christmas. So I would get out of her hair when we go camping.My plan worked. :D :D :):D

Actually, Im with EGO on this.

If anyone thinks that being decietful, lying, and sneaking around and doing things your spouse does not know about, well, that is not the defination of a good marriage.

Sooner or later that will all blow up in your face.

deadeye, How did your wife re-act when she found out you lied to her about the Bronco?

Look, Im not trying to be Oprah or Dr Phil or any goodie 2 shoes here, Im just stating the facts.

just my 2 cents.... take it for what its worth.

I bought a 5 x 10 trailer and parked it in the garage. My wife came home and parked in the same garage and never saw it until I showed her. So the bike thing is not too suprising.

Geez, you and EGO are so right, I better change my ways!

Lighten up guys, for someone who likes to flame so much you sure seem serious about this, Guilty conscience (Boy I wish this place had spell check)??? Sometimes it’s just easier not to fight the battle when the wifey doesn't even really care. I would be thrilled if she WOULD pay a little more attention to the bikes.

Some do, some don’t. In this day and age don't begrudge anyone who has found a balance that works. I don’t want to know about every little knick-knack or pair of shoes she comes home with either. Some of the wives I've seen out there are better off not noticing too much, their lucky to walk and breath at the same time. Mine is pretty sharp concerning anything she cares to actually pay attention too.

Geez this IS too much like Oprah or Dr, Phil.....

Back to the bikes pleez :)

Momilkman & EGO – I never actually lied to her, I just knowingly withheld the truth. Trust me we have a good marriage, staying together for over 12 years seems to be less of the norm this day and age. We laugh about it now. At the time she was going to school and I was working so we were living on only my income. She trusts me with the money management so it was not a big deal. You need things to laugh about later in life as long as it doesn’t involve straight out lying or anything to lose their trust.

I agree with TexasThumper, if it is something she has interest in then we buy it together but if she doesn't care about it, I just make sure we can afford it.

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