Wife Doesn't Know *DELETED*

There is a major difference between a pair of shoes and deceitfully buying a 7k bike.

This tells me a few things:

1: Someone is completely devoid of intelligence

2: The marriage is based on Selfishness

3: There is no common respect

4: that perhaps she don't care anymore because of the lies and deceit

5: Probably waiting for another man to take his place.

Say what you will, or what you want thats fine, I personally found it appalling that someone treats his wife in this manor.

I posted to this and said my piece, you consider that a flame, thats fine to. This guy posted flat out, he lies and deceives his wife. As far as I am concerned he opened the door to whatever slams he gets.

Geez Knowingly With Held The Truth :)

I cant believe you said that, I aint even gonna respond

Yes I am

A LIE is A LIE Period.

On the flip side, my MIL traded in her wedding ring because the center stone was the wrong shape. The FIL never noticed.


I agree with Texas Thumper. I wish my wife would not "tune me out" when I talk about sand texture at Moab, the virtue of the PowerNow venturi, or why I never wash my Alpinestars. But we have reached a truce. I don't ask her what she bought at Nordstroms, why she never throws away tea bag wrapers, or what she does with those used cotton balls on the floor of the bathroom. My wife and I have separate "mad money" accounts after bills. Mine goes to the bikes, hers goes to the five closets full of "nothing to wear". After 20 years we still have some secrets.

Who ever said ignorance is bliss I guess was right :)

I just thought I'd put a different spin on all this...


...that's my wife on her BBR. Notice that SHE owns the BBR.

Make her part of the solution, not the problem. Methinks it may make for a good lasting marriage.


A LIE is A LIE Period.

EGO - You don't know all of the circumstances to say something as degrading as that. She had to drive 40 miles each way to UND in Grand Forks, ND. If you have ever been there in the winter you would know that it is not uncommon for the temperature to stay –20F and below for a week at a time. I would not have felt safe with her in the other vehicle and I knew she would not let me buy the new one so I did what I thought was best.

EGO I have seen you attack people like this before without knowing all of the facts, in fact I was around when you changed your username because of similar comments. I do think you have good morals but just remember you are not the only one.

We are here for you man..........Dr TT

My wife has always been around bikes. I had 5 before we got married and I knew her for years. Her dad has a bunch and her Uncles grew up with Freddie Spencer.

Just before I proposed, I told her that I wanted another street bike we "both" could ride on. She said no problem, she just wanted to pick the bike she liked. Fortunately for me, it was a Vmax. Rounded out the garage nicely since I already had a sport bike.

I got another fun bike and I was honest with her. Of course, I had to make sure she got a pretty nice ring but I figured it was worth it in the long run. :)

Passing judgement on someone and their relationships on an internet forum? The extremism of the self righteous never cease to amaze me.

Perfection must be quite a load to bear. :)

deadeye your deadwrong

you have no idea what your talking about

I am not attacing

You show me by quoting what I said is an attack

I simply spoke my mind and the indifferance I have regarding decieving a bride your mate your pal

What circumstance is going to validate a LIE

Oh I know

I never had sex with that woman


I never inhaled


Sorry you think it is not :)

If anyone thinks that being decietful, lying, and sneaking around and doing things your spouse does not know about, well, that is not the defination of a good marriage.

Sooner or later that will all blow up in your face.

I fell under this category, and now I am paying dearly. My marriage is nothing short of on the rocks, and it all started w/ a little white lie that wouldn't make a difference TO ME...


It WAS selfishness and self pity on my part and now I am losing my Wife and kids.

For those of you that roll your eyes to Darrin and EGO, better be prepared to lose EVERYTHING.

Talk to your Wife and come clean. It may get loud and scary, but everyone wins in the end!

Take this FREE wisdom I have paid dearly for and think about it!


NH Kevin,

i am sorry for your situation..

i agree too, not good to keep things from them, that is why i suggested, the uh, compromise with diamonds... you both are happy then...

i wish you well.



ps. on another note.. have you heard about your head from EDco yet?

hey john,

that's a bit sad to throw around someone's name (your avitar) who had very little in common with you. Never did Garrett do any of the nonsensene you post constantly.

The last time you were in pain, I had some sympathy and gritted my teeth when you came back. This time is too much.

I hope your 4th step takes you to a place where you actually gain some insight.

Only part John_H I will respond to is Insight, the rest of your comment was total ignorance

Hummmm Let me see

Anything that is not 100% TRUTH is a LIE

Thats pretty insightful wouldn't you think?

Listen guys,

the simple subject of the matter is your buying something that your wife dosent know about, your not going to tell her about, and that is decietful.

Im sure EGO, Kevin, and myself are in the minority here because most guys think the only way to obtain parts and bikes is though lying and that it is much simpler than getting in a argument now.

Some people dont understand what a marriage is all about. - TRUST

So would you rather save up all those little lies and trade them in for one HUGE lie (divorce).

I guarantee everyone that is flaming EGO has got a "kitty" for bike parts and buy stuff all the time they dont tell their wife about. If your not ashamed of buying it then why do you feel like you have to hide it?

You guys are really opening my eyes. Im glad I have a open marriage.

I love riding dirt bikes and i always will because my wife dosent care if I have a bike. But I will tell you this, I would rather get rid of my bike than have it and be decietful to her constantly.

Flame on as you wish, but someone (EGO) has to speak the truth. Dont give up man...

I can't be trusted when it comes to motorcycles or guns.

My wife knows this and it has become the family joke.

Ask me how many motorcycles I have or how much they cost and I'm going to lie. If my wife sees me walk in the door with a gun case she smiles and asks "another one?". "No dear I've had this thing for a while".

I try to tell the truth but the words won't come out of my mouth.

I think we all fall a bit short of the glory of God.

Can't we all be just a little nicer to each other? :)

I am impressed. "Beezer The Peace Maker". I knew you had potential. :)

Just for the record, My wife and I discuss every semi-major/major purchase. We are seeking agreement as to timing so the budget process works. I can't tell you how many times delaying a purchase has proved the right thing to do.

Now as to secrets, there are some things that need to be kept to oneself. For example, Honey I had a dream last night and you weren't in it, should be kept to yourself. :D


"When you're right your right, and you are really right".

Mogg from SpaceBalls.

We need too clear up a couple of things because I think we are actually talking about two different things here.

1. A lot of us are saying that not all marriages are the same and we have found a balance that works for us. It may not be the same as yours, but it works for us. We add fun to the marriage with little games or do what we think is best as long as nothing is hurt (finically or Wife just doesn’t care).

2. The other group is saying a lie is a lies. I don’t think this is the forum to be used too discus that. It brings up the question: If your wife asks you, “What are you doing?” and you answer, “Nothing” but you are doing something or she asks, “How are you?” and you answer, “Good” but you are not, then are you LYING? Should your Wife lose all trust in you? Again, I don't think this is the forum to discuss that.

People and marriages are different so we need too accept that and get back too talking about Motorcycles.


I never lie to my motorcycle and it still hurts me sometimes.

I think motorcycles are female.

Mine trys to kill me sometimes and I don't know why.

That time of the month maybe.

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