Wife Doesn't Know *DELETED*

I thought this post started in good fun, seems like there are always a couple of "party poopers' in the crowd.

I enjoyed your post, a little humor from time to time is good for this forum. To bad the marriage counselors got involved, it could have been much more fun.


Once again your deadwrong

The thread started with a now deleted orig post that stated

I have deceived my wife since I owned a 98 400.

He stated she still thinks that the 02 426 is still the 98 400 and now he was doing the same thing with a 450.

No, the intent of the thread has been a debate between what is deception a lie and the truth.

I am not sure what you perceive it to be but it is very clear as to the direction the thread has gone.

Your analogy is correct in regards to Item 2

2. The other group is saying a lie is a lies. I don’t think this is the forum to be used too discus that. It brings up the question: If your wife asks you, “What are you doing?” and you answer, “Nothing” but you are doing something or she asks, “How are you?” and you answer, “Good” but you are not, then are you LYING? Should your Wife lose all trust in you? Again, I don't think this is the forum to discuss that.

But your conclusion is wrong in regards to the trust.

Trust is earned no matter what games you play. It is earned by doing the right ting, by being a person of word and deed. Deception degrades that Trust and no matter how broad a brush you use to paint it the TRUTH is anything but the Truth is a lie.

Now in regards to you misconception of Marriage. Ya thats true some woman and Men like to get the hell beat out of them too, is that a good marriage. IMO NO

If lying to your spouse and being deceitful works for you, Well I feel sorry for ya still

Because you will never know and understand the freedom that comes when Trust is one of the basis of your relationship.

Perhaps because you think it is a game is not maybe the other party just doesn't care or give a rats Arz anymore.

Thats sad... :D

As far as mutual games to play, I personally like the Lucky MX Racer :)

MOMilkMan and EGO, you guys know where its at! I too wish that my wife was more interested but then again, then there would be twice the expenses. I also know that if I were to start racing that my wife would be there to encourage me and be there despite her lack of interest. Trust and Love, earned it the hard way at times! Way to stand your ground guys. :)

Thanks Icebox. Glad to see there are others on this forum (besides EGO and I) that still believe in decreasing the divorce rate.

2. The other group is saying a lie is a lies. I don’t think this is the forum to be used too discus that. It brings up the question: If your wife asks you, “What are you doing?” and you answer, “Nothing” but you are doing something or she asks, “How are you?” and you answer, “Good” but you are not, then are you LYING? Should your Wife lose all trust in you? Again, I don't think this is the forum to discuss that.

This is a absolutley ridiculous analogy. How can you compare saying you are fine, when mabye you feel a little under the weather to concealing a $7,500 piece of machinery?

And although I dont think we will be able to change your minds, I do believe this is a great place to dicuss this.

If you dont like the subject matter of this post then dont click on "Wife Dosen't Know"

Look, we all have something in common. Dirt bikes. And this does pertain to dirt bikes.

We are not even straying from the main subject. Which was lying to your wife about getting a new dirt bike.

Heres my analogy back to you: How would you feel if your wife paid the bills so she kept control of the finances, and one day you found $8,000 in a jar hidden in the closet? Then you find out she was going to take the money and go buy a new diamond ring that you wouldnt have ever known about.

You would be pissed!!!!

(sometimes you have to put the shoe on the other foot)

EGO, I won't disagree or debate the qualities of a good relationship. Some fugure this out but most don't. I participate in TT to gain from others knowledge and experience, and at times to have a little fun. I believe this post was started by someone wanting to have a little fun. Do you think this guy brings a new bike home every couple of years without his wife knowing? Not a chance. He may have to beg for a $10 allowance each week.


I think we all get on TT to gain knowledge and expierence but we are just having a healthy discussion here. Nothing wrong with that. I dont think it has gotten out of hand yet. (And believe me, I have seen some posts get out of hand) :)

I still love all my TT brothers!!!

You might be right on that. But given some of the responses here in the posts I think it happens all the time.

I have reasons to believe what he said is the truth What a quandary that statement was :)

Just from my experience with acquaintances I know, I have seen it first hand..

and no the marriage is not happy and no there is no respect, and yes both are miserable.

and a cycle continues

What I find absurd is that anybody thinks they are in a position to pass judgement on the guy that started this post. you guys don't know crap about him,his wife,the trust in his relationship or his stupidity level as EGO put it. If you think you can get all that out of his post, I hate to tell you guys but your not that smart. But I do have a question, if you sit at work and post on TT all day when your supposed to be working thats stealing, right?

Hell I don't know how I'm ever going to afford a new bike....I spend atleast 10K a year just racing 2 bikes, replacing worn out parts and equipment, plus meals,Hotel rooms, and automotive maintenance.....

I'd have to stay home and do nothing for two seasons, to replace my bikes.....

My wife would like that for sure.....

I always get what I want when I'm straight up with my Better half....

Bonzai :)

its my job classification believe it or not

No one has passed judgemtn on anyone

its a debate and discussion on differances of opinion.

Geez man

Let me ask you oh bright and wise one

What do you do when the change you are handed is more then you desearve?

do you

<ul type="square"> [*]walk away quickly realishing the thought ya screwed someone

[*]Hand it back

When was the last time you handed it back

Do I look fat in this dress?


I give it back, the last time was at Scotties hardware about three years ago. But there was once when I was eighteen and buying a case of Heineken for the 12 hours of Sebring and the lady behind the counter rang up the price of a six pack. When I tried to tell her that was the wrong price she started barking that I didn't know what I was talking about so shut up and let her sell a case to me for $3.95. So I'm not perfect nor claim to be. I drink Fosters now so don't make fun of the Heineken!

I drink Fosters now so don't make fun of the Heineken!

That splains everything

I will let the brotha's from down unda make fun of your beer tastes or lack of it :)

I AGREE! I don't have to worry about anybody taking one of my beers after the races. Nobody else can stand the stuff.

I wrote the following before things lightened up on this subject but didn’t have time to post. I feel I have to post it too defend myself.

MO & EGO, why do you two keep jumping back to the guy buying a new motorcycle without telling his wife? I agree that your wife should be involved in a purchase of that size.

EGO got bent when I said that I knowingly withheld the truth. His response was, a lie is a lie period. I still do not believe this is a lie since I did it knowing it was best for her. If I would have told her I bought the used vehicle or if I was doing it for selfish reasons than yes, it is not right. Maybe I am not looking at this correctly but I compare it to bumping up your life insurance policy because of your new hobbies. If she had asked, “Is this a new vehicle?” I would have told her the truth. The main reason I shared the story is I thought it was funny that she didn’t notice for two years. When she finally asked I told her the truth

QUICK: What are you doing right now?

If you answered “nothing” is that a lie? EGO is saying yes. That is the point I am trying to make.

I have learned more about motorcycle from you guys then any other source. This has been a great debate, Thanks guys.

You don’t even want to know what kind of beer I drink.

Sure it's stealing, when you're at work and you're getting paid to work and you are not, you are stealing hours from your employer, it's that easy. Just as easy as saying, "deceiving your wife about a purchase of ANY size is wrong".


I respect you opinion, but not your position.

You can rationalize all your want about when a lie is a lie.

But the bottom line is very simple

anything but the truth is a lie

It can not be rationalized nor can the argument hold, the truth holds its integrity and needs not to be defended.

The Truth is and always will be the truth, irregardless of ones attempts to rationalize the outcome.

Case in point for years I said I never had a problem with Drugs and Drinking, It was everyone else's fault. Ok so in this scenario is the truth:

1: I believed I had no problem?

2: I was lying to myself and hiding the issues?

3: All the above

Or is the Lie:

1: I had a problem and refused to see it?

2: I rationalized the truth regarding my problem?

3: All The above

Ya see a lie is a quandary that can not be rationalized, it only compounds the issue and builds distrust.

Peace :)


Only you can answer those questions. I think you are comparing apples to oranges, but that is just me.

It is good to hear about people like you realizing and curing your problem.

It is also obvious that we are not going to agree and we both are too stubborn to quit, so you and your wife have a good weekend and I will try to do the same.


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