Wife Doesn't Know *DELETED*

It is funny how my anxiety level reading these posts has gone down not up like one might think. While reading, I have completely forgotten that my WR is not here, I have completely forgotten how much I want my bike besides the fact that it will be -25 degrees in a couple days and even if I got it I would be hooping and hollering in my basement as I act out my first wild ride thru the woods like a little kid as my wife laughs at me and calls me crazy.

This set of posts has been more refreshing than all the technical posts combined. I feel like I know a bunch of people whom I have never met nor probably will and I can't even put a face to any of you but I feel like if I heard someone talking on a trail someday, I just might be able to say are you so-&-so from TT. For me, this has been a great way to wind down my week. Thanks again! :)

Do you think she is pretty?

As an observer who has read all of the above self rightous crap, not mention reading a lot of EGO's post over the last couple of months, I have come to the conclusion that EGO is just a delusioned idiot who has no other interest other that this website. EGO I was reading your posts about Ty Davis's ban from BITD and I could not understand why you were even replying? You were just clogging up the thread. I mean aboslutely ZERO info came from you! Come on dude, get a life! You come off as a big dumb idiot! What is sad is you don't even realize it and you think you are right all the time. Poor fella. I hope you didn't breed!

That was my 200 pennies worth.

Hey DeadEye,

What kind of beer do you drink? :D

I drink O'Douls, 0.5% alcohol. I know it's not really beer but it doesn't hurt to pretend. :D

And IceBox,

You are right, this has been kinda fun, especially since we all are big liars when it comes to benchracing. :)

OK guys, here's a dilemma! I have been talking to my wife for the last 3 hours trying to decide what bike to buy. I currently own a 01 RM250. I am debating about buying a WR450 or a KTM 450EXC. The WR will not get here till March, the KTM will not get here till Mid Feb, and my first race is March 9th. Also available (now) is a YZ450 which I like also for motocross, but it does not have E-button. I want to race MX this year and do some woods riding also. I can trade my RM for the WR or YZ, but the KTM dealer will not take it on trade.


your probably right

but its my delusion and you cant play.

Ya know one thing the Truth does and the inabilty to defend a lie.

It causes people to get angry at the messenger


Do what your wife dosnt want you to :) Just kidding

Flip a coin

EGO idiot, I think you are clinging to a insignificant topic, that you created by the way, that happens to be something that you know you argue forever. Which also happens to suit your style. I think the whole thread was taken out of context, which everything on the WWW is. You thought you could make yourself feel rightous by clinging on the "A lie is a Lie" line of thinking. The dude that started the thread could have been just making the whole thing up! He could be serious also. So what? I thought it was comical. Anyhow, I am not going to hound you or anything, as this will be my last reference to you, I just wanted to let you know that I am a professional bull sh*t detector and I smelled you all the way from Cyberdom. Take it easy brother.

Bandit9 right on my brother!!! This guy is clearly a legend in his own mind. :)

33 posts?

Troll alert!!!!!

Since bandit9 is a senior member of the TT community, I think he is entitled to his opinion. For what that is worth. :)

Hey Mo, would you rather me make 969 posts that bring nothing but nonsense? Or 33 posts only when I feel I help or offer useful info? I thought that was the purpose of the forum. Oh well, I wish no ill will on anyone. Just trying to learn and research, when I stumbled upon all this nonsense and just couldn't help myself. I think that the "troll" concept is funny. Maybe I am a troll. I am a trolling self rightous know it all who never lies!

To tell you the truth!!! :D, as this thing gets bigger, :) My wife told me to buy both and figur out witch one I'd like and then sell the other, or keep them both and set up each for what I want. Just goes to show what can happen when you let the other in on decisions. BTW, I bought her a $5K+ ring last year for a 10th anniversary, not because I thought it would get me anything, but I was going to buy her a bigger ring anyway, and thought, ha she is worth more than any bike I have bought and she is worth all of the bikes.

Amazing..... I made this original post yesterday and never did get an answer to my question on retrofitting 02' WR426 aftermarket parts on the 03' WR450. Doesn't matter now. Picked up the new 03' WR450 today. All of what I inquired about fits as fine as the new bikes motos.

In reference to my wife, the syntax must have been misleading in the first few sentences. She knew about the upgrade costing us a net of $900 for the difference (dealer is my good buddy, and I sold my 02'last month for $5200 - she knew about it all). And, she could care less as long as the money didn't come from her savings or the household general fund. The point is the new bike looks the same to her as the 98' and the 02'.

"Ho-hum, it's blue again", she said. "Thanks honey", I said. "I'll be in as soon as I fit all these 02' parts on". "Well, dinner is ready soon, don't be long", she replied.

Ah, life is good.

Ha ha! I mean how many of us knew that the dude was not really evil? All of us but two. That is the funny part about all of this. You two think you know everything. Just b/c you have made a bunch of posts to this forum does not make you god! Get over yourselves. To think an alleged "troll" with only 35 posts could think like this is just crazy talk, isn't it? I should know my place in here, huh? I mean who am I with only "35" posts to speak out on a veteran of TT. I can't help it, Bullsh*t is Bullsh*t, no matter which way you slice it. I am done. I hope in the future we can all be pals and drink beers at the ThumperTalk Jamboree, I will buy. Now lets put this behind us and get back to what we have in common, our love and passion for riding. Take it easy fellas.

OK. As you can see, I have been a member of this board for a long time. I don't post a lot, but I have read everything posted on every forum for over a year. I have to agree with EGO and others on this subject. If you have a problem with being truthfull with your spouse, you are going to argue with anyone that shines the light on your shortcoming. That is much easier than facing the truth. Sure, Ego is an easy target to vent your hostilities, but you should be looking inside instead. From what I know of Ego, he has the biggest heart around. Personally, I would love to know him as a friend.

If you read these forums regularly, you begin to get a feel for the age and upbringing of the person behind the post. Those people that post on the 426/450 forum seem to have a wiser outlook (generally speaking) than those on the 250f or TTR page. This thread has definitely taken the direction of a TTR post. Look, if you aren't mature enough to realize the importance of TRUTHFULLNESS in a marriage, find another forum to post on! (OK, that is a little strong. How about just don't read and reply to the thread.)

I guess this thread has gained so much popularity for veteran members of TT because we have already discussed every possible issue concerning jetting, suspension, PowerNow, BK/GB Mod, free mods, new models, oil change, starting, cleaning products, etc, etc, etc........

It is refreshing to have an adult topic to discuss.

Back on topic........me and my wife of 19 years have a completely open relationship. There is no way on God's green earth that I would ever even consider making a puchase of $100 with out her approval, let alone a purchase of $7,500!!! How could anyone love their spouse more than themself without first discussing it? What if she had a real NEED? You can't tell me a new bike is a NEED, and be serious! If you want to bury your head in the sand and think that your relationship of 12 years is strong enough to withstand distrust (or the perception of deceit), that is your problem!! After all, it is not actuality of a matter that is of concern, but the PERCEPTION of the other person that really matters.

You are correct that nobody knows the original poster on this topic, or his marital relationship with his spouse. That does not make it wrong to post one's own opinion on the matter. I am sick of having to be politically correct on every subject coming and going. It is time for everyone to fully comprehend the reality of personnal responsibility. There are a lot of us out there that are morally just. Our past may not be perfect, but our past has perfected us, morally and ethically.

Sorry for the long-winded rant! I just see the youth of today making the same mistakes that I made, and am trying to stop the cycle.


Ouch, I feel like I have been having a discussion with my daughter!


LMAO :) Most wives are cool about the bikes or else they wouldn't marry us. Two years ago my wife and I were looking at engagement rings when I saw my XR come up in the classifieds. I was ready to spend the bones on the ring when she all but made me buy the bike. She knew I loved riding and hadn't had a bike all through college. Getting a bike seemed far off, then the next day it was in the garage. Now we are happily married and I go riding all the time. Don't get bent on the petty things, have fun!

d criss, I agree with you 99%. Except for the 450 side being more mature than the 250 side. There is no basis for that argument and it is a waste of time to take it further. Trust is the most important part of a marriage. Myself, would never think of doing such a thing to my wife of 7 years. Neither would 99% of the posters on this thread. That is not the point either. THE point is that 99% of us are in touch with reality and we all knew the guy was just being funny. But some of us on here think that they gods and we are all idiots with no morals and they took the oppurtunity to place themselves on some sort of self rightous platform to make themselves feel suprerior. Which is very condescending. Insulting even. We are not dumbazzes. We know right and wrong. It is the same ole crap of someone thinking they are better than someone else b/c of their views, values, religous beliefs, social standing, so on....and so on......


I will take the time to respond To your blatant attack on me.

First it is very apparent the post struck a nerve with you and cut direct to the bone

Why do I say that.

Because you make a statement here that is totally from a point of guilt you guilt. You stated

But some of us on here think that they gods and we are all idiots with no morals and they took the opportunity to place themselves on some sort of self rightous platform to make themselves feel suprerior. Which is very condescending. Insulting even. We are not dumbazzes. We know right and wrong. It is the same ole crap of someone thinking they are better than someone else b/c of their views, values, religous beliefs, social standing, so on....and so on......

Were did you pull that one from, In no post here has there been anything condescending or derogatory to another post or member. Except yours calling me names.

If I am wrong then please high-lite the quote and I will retract the statement I just made, if it was not a responce to a first attack.

Your feeling of being as you put it above, inferior and disrespected stems form your own inadequacies and shortcomings in your own life. Not anything I have said. All I has said was truth. From that People Shrivel and become angry when confronted with it, as you have.

It is a normal respond to shoot the messenger per-say, thats ok, but the bottom line is this. The truth is the Truth a lie is lie

And yes if you needed help I would be the first one there if I was able. as far as your rhetoric on the post and ramblings. You are the one that short circuited the post and took it all out of context.

So with that you drink all the beers ya want on me, I don't drink. And yes I am not perfect and no god, ya see every single day I fall short of the glory of God.

Romans teach us the diff in right and wrong, the truth and a lie as precieved by man and what God thinks.

Read the book of Romans, the Truth is in there...Also the Way and the Life

Then if your still angry then be angry at the one person who is the Truth God, Its not me you have an issue with bandit


For me, keeping things from my wife would be more difficult than explaining what I'm doing. She could care less about the $6,000 but the fact that I kept it a secret would hurt and anger her very much.

Now, I dont expect a new bike every year or two or three. For us that would not make good financial sense. I can afford to do it but it would be a bit selfish.

When I bought my bike I saved for about 10 months, $20 here $100 there, did some extra work and what not. On my birthday she gave me $2000. (She had been saving also and I didn't know).

She knew how much I wanted to get back into riding and how much I needed some recreation. Now with our boy and I riding together the money we spent on bikes is irrelevent. (not all kids are soccer studs).

To borrow a quote from Jesse Ventura, " If you don't tell lies then you don't have to have a good memory."

EGO you are way out of line mate. This is no place for intolerant self-righteous judgmental BS!

Time for the moderator of this forum to step in.

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