Wife Doesn't Know *DELETED*


Truth always cuts to the bone don't it

Self Righteous what?

Intolerant how?

So because you want me censured who is the intolerant one

look up the word intolerance first before you use it in ignorance

Here let me help you

Not tolerant, especially:

<ul type="square">

[*]Unwilling to tolerate differences in opinions, practices, or beliefs, especially religious beliefs.

[*]Opposed to the inclusion or participation of those different from oneself, especially those of a different racial, ethnic, or social background.

[*]Unable or unwilling to endure or support: intolerant of interruptions; a community intolerant of crime.

Based on the definition SMD who is Intolerant

YOU simply because I mention God you go Ape.

Apology excepted

Ya can not defend against the Truth

NOBODY said lying was acceptable.

Don’t think that just because we are debating EGO and MO that we are liars. I, for one, do not lie. I also do not tell my wife and kids that I could die ever time I go riding. Do you? Isn’t it the truth?

EGO, in an earlier post I wrote, “I do think you have good morals but just remember you are not the only one.” I still believe this but the fact that you have hit bottom and recovered explains a lot of your comments. Most of the time when somebody has hit bottom they are very afraid too get close to the weaknesses that got them there. I am assuming this is the case and this is why you keep twisting our comments to make it look like we are saying it is ok to lie and that is why you are so persistent.

EGO and MO, I am sure that if you were honest with us right now you would admit that we are not saying that lying is acceptable and that you can see the point we are trying to get across. I see your point and I agree that one should always tell that truth.

Again, NOBODY said lying was acceptable.

You said you don't lie

Thats a lie right there

No man or person in this world can stake that claim but one

I wont Mention Christs name because SMD will call me intolerant.

And yes in the context of the posts replies did imply that a white lie or non truth is ok

I have a question Deadeye

By what standards do you rate your self by?

1: Your Own

2: the world

3: a Biblical or religious standard

I am not judging at all I am asking a simple question.

personally I rate my standards by the 10 commandments of which I can not keep any. We will not get into that but asking the question above what standards.

Crap, I knew I should not have gotten back into this.

First you say you shouldn’t lie and then when I say I don’t, you call me a liar. I think you know exactly what I meant. Remember I was at least man enough too give you a compliment.

Why am I doing this on a Saturday?

The thread that never ends, Like arguments between 8 year olds!!


WOW how ridiculous is this stuff?

you don't read childish crap like this on the KTM side.

only tech and riding stuff, this is nuts!

you don't read childish crap like this on the KTM side.

That's cuz EGO doesn't own a KTM.......

EGO, I don't know why you feel you have to JUDGE everyone all of the time.

Instead of trying to divide everyone let's try to have some fun here okay?

When you were a "Newbie" did I ever hold it against you? Nope, not my style... Your constant judgement and critisism doesn't make everyone laugh (just Beezer, he thinks you're cute :). Beezer, this is a WR forum, beat it dude!!!! (just kidding) :D :D :D

I welcome your well thought out explaination why you're such a great guy...........

Kisses, Your pal, Dan Lorenze

Makes for great reading, my wife and i are pissing our selves waiting for the next one, keep it comin guys :):D

if you have to lie about it or hide it its usually wrong

if you make the right decision you should be glad share it

if you get defensive when ask to defend your position...you are on the wrong side of the fence

if you are right, dont hide it...if you are not, dont do it

trust is hard to earn and easy to loose



For the last month it's been EGO's turn to be judge of everyone all the time.

Next month is your turn Dan and I get March.:)

Next week I should have my WR450 so I will qualify as an official WR450 TT board member.

Maybe I'll even be able to post something remotely relevant to WR450's.


I go were no other member goes

I am not politically correct

I am not judging nor have I

I don't slam or call names unless slapped first

and I have fun arguing points

I take a stand because someone makes a statement that they deceive the wife.

I simply state

I bet the trust factor in your home is zero

Or better the stupidity level is 100

Either way, Man that is a sad statement. I honestly feel sorry for you.

With that I get hit with all kinds of slams name calling and attacks.

I simply hold to the Truth, that the Truth is the Truth

and I am pinned to the wall or attempted to be pinned to the wall. Thats OK with me, the posts IMO were thoughtful and getting some good info out there on the differences of ones ethics thats it.

Sorry you can't see that Dan

Define where I judge, please!

As Long as I think its funny Its funny :)

who else matters?

and I am not trying to divide anyone or anything.

I just happen to know all and See all

and besides just because I "May be Wrong"

Don't Make you right :D

Yes, EGO, your statements were insults and appeared directed at many of us. I think you have issues outside of this forum that you need to deal with on your own. Take a look deep inside yourself. I played along with the topic in good fun, as others did. But, you know what? I am honest, hardworking, faithfull and have excelent morol commitments. My wife (of 20 years)doesn't like me riding or buyimg expensive dirt bikes, nor that I got our son doing the same. But it is me and that is who she knew she was getting involved with from the beginning.

Sometimes I buy whiskey without her knowing, it just doesn't matter. Maybe new tires without prior consent, it is just expected of me. What is the $$ amount cut-off that makes me a bad person? I suspect that it is different for everybody.

I expect that you will reply in defense again, seems like you need to get in the last word. But just take care of yourself, don't worry about the rest of us, and you will "heal" much quicker.

You know I was hoping that this thread would eventually get back on track but, it looks like it not. So I'm going to stick a fork in this one.

When it comes to morality and religion we all may never see eye to eye and who cares. This site is about riding and yes, we do cover a wide variety of off topic subjects. But again, this one is going nowhere.

Hope to see you guys on the track and trail!


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