YZ400 Exhaust header vs' YZ426 header

YZ400 Exhaust header vs' YZ426 header:

Would anyone know what is the diffrence between these two?

I think the late 426 alows ezy axsses to the oil filter compare to the 400 that blocks it.

Would someone know?


They are the same. When I had my 98 yz400f my stock head pipe got smashed in and I replaced it with a yz426f head pipe. :worthy:

I checked & there is a diffrent part number for 01-02 models compare to 98-00 models. 00 is the year the 426 had the old model on.

Thanks for your replay

they will work fine even though the numbers are different.

98 to 03 is interchangeable.

The shape of the header was changed in '01 to make it easier to get at the oil filter, as you have suggested. Otherwise, they are quite interchangeable.

...heck i have a 450 header on my bike! it just took a little pursuation. i'll get a pic up to show you the clearance of the pipe.

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