Dakar 2003

Any of you guys following the 2003 Dakar? On french Eurosport they dedicate 30 mins coverage every night with approx 10 mins on the motorbike category.

The coverage is amazing from land cameras and much from helicopters with interviews and opinions - and flashbacks to earlier events - this is the 25'th edition.

I am drooling every night from the action, the scenery and the need to do something like that once in my life.

I'm opting for Meoni to get do the triple this year but he had a problem 3 days ago and lost time/ground to Sainct.

What these guys do in the sand with their KTM's (there is virtually no other manufacturer bike being raced at the sharp end) is simply unbelievable.

Any other fellow droolers out there ?

I have the VCR set to record nightly on Speed Channel. I'm not familiar with a lot of the participants but the coverage is very good. I wish it were an hour each night! People complain about the WR's being heavy...can you imagine picking up one of those KTM Twins??

I've been watching the highlights every night on Speed. Paris-Dakar has to be THE toughest race of fitness and endurance in the world. Meoni made up alot of time on yesterdays stage, and is only 12 minutes behind Sainct.

Meoni is riding V-Twin, while Sainct in on the single cylinder 660. Meoni was truly driving flat out on yesterdays stage on the highlights, trying to use his horsepower advantage to make up for lost time. In this type of racing, anything can happen, and both of these rider's have lost the race in previous years while in the lead. Should make for an interesting finish. :)

Is Johnny Campbell running it this year? I've only seen it one night so far and I remembered last year he did it for the first time. I was hoping he'd run it again and see how he placed if he was serious about the race.

No Johnny Campbell this year. Very few if any Americans.

Apparently the North American sponsers for most of the top riders don't see the return on their investment.Much like the ISDE.Sad. :)

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