Broke a spoke nipple yesterday...

During a woods ride yesterday, I took a limb through the back wheel of my 04 WR450 and bent a spoke and broke its nipple...broken flush with the wheel, leaving the head of the nipple still in the wheel. From Yamaha, spokes are only available as kits. From Honda, you can buy individual skokes and nipples. I have several new spokes/nipples for my XR600r. Does anybody have experience with using Honda spokes/nipples on a Yamaha rim? If so, what year/model Honda would I buy for?

I will be tearing the wheel down sometime this week to at least pull out the broken nipple. I'm thinking that if I can't find individual Yamaha spokes and nipples, I might attempt to straighten the bent spoke and use a Honda nipple on it...providing the spoke dia. and thread pitch are the same.

Anybody have any experience with this type of situation?

That's a bummer you have to buy a set. As far as the Honda spokes, I really can't give you an answer but I did a Google search on Yamaha Spokes and a place called came up. Their website has links for all the major manufacturers spokes by Excel but they sell by the set too. You might want to ask them your question about the Honda nipples.

My suspicion is that the real difference will be the gauge size of the spokes but there is a small chance the thread could be different too.

Talk with them and see what they say. :worthy:


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