Utah riders?Great Western trail questions?

Hey! any Utah riders out their? I live in Eagle Mtn, And ride all over the state, I'm looking to ride from Eagle mtn to St. George, Has anyone done this? Trying to plan a route and trip for this spring. The Great western Trail will take you most of the way their , But is it all open? The maps that I have looked at are hard to tell. I figure this can be done with other routes, but the GWT would be the most challanging. Most streches between fuel would be 70miles to 80miles, so should be able to do it on almost any bike w/ extra gallon of fuel if needs be. Reply if your up for the challange, or have info. Thanks

They guy you need to talk to is Ron Loomis out of Las Vegas, NV. Ron has been riding since dirt was invented and been the co-promoter for the Color Tour dual sport ride out of St. George for the past several years. He knows the area and what is open, closed and questionable. I will send you a PM with his phone number when I dig it out of the pile of paperwork on my desk.

It would be very difficult to ride the entire western trail. Some of the western trail is roads. I would recommend that you contact other riders in different areas of the state. I live in Emery County, formerly of Ceder Fort. I moved because of Eagle Mt turning my rural way of life into a city. It is possible to ride from American Fork Canyon to Fish Lake with only riding about 5-10 miles of pavement. I have mapped this out. I have thought about riding this several times. You would want to plan your gas stops near OHV friendly towns such as Manti.

I'm game for any kind of ride. Just let me know.

Ferron! NOw that's a town were their is great riding!!! Next to San rafeal, Nice!!! I work with a guy from Ferron, Brian Blackwell, Do you know him? Have you riden from A.f to Fish Lake? Lets make a plan.

Keep me posted......................

I'd be interested in either ride (Great Western Trail or AF to FL). Keep us posted.


jadenhyrum: I live about 200 feet from Brian's house here in Ferron. Ask Brian about blowing up the toilet at the high school. I have not done the Fish Lake to AF, but have seriously contemplated it. I have rode all of the sections, but never in one continuous ride. It would be the test of tests! Is not every ride a test? If you want to come along for a ride, I do an invitational 200 mile ride in two days with a night stay in Manti each summer. It is a great time. I belong to a group called the Sage Riders. We each take a turn and guide one ride a month. We cover the entire state including the Swell, Moab, St. George, Manti, Fish Lake, Montecello and many others. We will be doing a two day Moab near the end of Feb (if my bike comes in). I am bike less. Sold my 426 last tuesday and am waiting for a 450.

WHOA Nelly! This looks cool. :) A 350+ mile ride.... I'd need a new seat for sure. :D Yz 426 + long ride = very sore rear end. :D

Very cool though. Chris

I am from down south, Louisiana, but last summer I made the mother of all trips. I went solo, just truck and bike, down into Baja, So Cal, Nevada, and finally Utah. I had the time of my life. I went where I wanted and rode when I wanted. I stopped in St. George at the Yamaha dealer to get a new clutch lever and discovered the Piaute Trail. Bought the map and was on my way. Stayed for 4 days riding all day every day. Utah was the best riding of all. So good in fact I am thinking about moving out there. I have a question for you lucky Utah guys. How many months of the year can you guys ride? Are you ever snowed in for a few months?

Ride in the winter as long as it's not freezing (-20 or something). Realistically, about 9-10 months out of the year.

It depends on the year, and how much cold you can stand. Riding in the snow sucks big-time. This year we are having a really mild winter and we're planning on going riding next sunday if the weather holds out. It's going to be fun and, I hope, not too cold. :)


You can ride all year if you go down south.(St .George area) Hey! Ferron boy, Whats your name, I asked Brian about the toilet and he laughed real hard. I would love to hook up with the Sage riders and go on some of those long rides. How can I get a schedual? When is the next ride? Keep me posted for any Sage riders trips! Thanks

Jayden. My name is Wade. Send me a PM with your telephone number and I will give you a call on the next ride. Next ride is near the end of February. Have not set a date yet. We usually do Moab and 10 Mile Wash for the Feb ride.

Will do!

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