problem starting WR426 01

My engine haven't been working since 3 months and now I tried at least 100 times to start it and then it worked, I make it rev a bit to bring the engine warmer and then it stopped, after this I wanted to start it again but no sucess, the day after samething even by being pulled by a car, each time I verified everything, spark plug, air filter, gazoline, everything works well except the engine...I'm really confused now about this and I would like to receive help. Thank you!

Hey dude... I'm hoping yer one of them there French speakin dude's from Quebec cuz yer English is a bit hammered.

Your buddies here at TT would love to help you except for a few problems:

1. If you don't state you problem completely, they won't talk to you.

2. If it doesn't look like you searched already, they won't talk to you.

3. If you seem like a newbie, they won't talk to you.

4. If you tow your WR behind a car again, I won't talk to you.

Since I feel bad fer bein a deek to ya now, here's what I know. I couldn't start mine with any consistency for months at first either. It wasn't the bike, it was me. Now that I know more about it, I have no problems. First of all, do some homework over here, this is called the drill:

You must come to know this like your mothers maiden name. However, once you get it, you will be free. My personal instructions go like this:

This assumes the bike is dead cold and hasn't been run that day...

1. Gas on

(do not touch throttle)

2. Choke out if cold out.

(do not touch throttle)

3. Kickover to hard spot, you are now pre-TDC

(do not touch throttle)

4. Reset kicker all the way to the top

(do not touch throttle)

5. Use decompression to get JUST PAST TDC

(do not touch throttle)

6. Reset kicker all the way to the top

(do not touch throttle)

7. One, maybe two, full turns of throttle


9. If its cold out, let it idle a bit. Then go haul some serious arse.

And go trash your plug, it's history by now. I assume your bike ran reasonably well when you can start it??? If it doesn't start in 4 kicks, pull the hot start and lean out the chamber, that works wonders for me.

This is a serious post...right?!?!?!

Try a new sparkplug.

Engine cold use choke and NO throttle.

You should get a start.

If it has been sitting for a few months without use, you may want to get a new plug, flush and de-gum the carb, put in some new fuel, re-do the airfilter, and then use the choke to get it happening... Check for condensation or corrosion on the sparkplug lead or other wiring such as the kill switch.



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