Homemade P***rNow

After getting as many pic's off the 'net as I could, i've just made my own version of the "power enhancing stainless steel plate". I figured I had nothing to lose, and maybe a little to gain. I haven't ridden the bike with it installed yet, as it's 3.20am, but will report back tomorrow night with results. The tracks I will be riding tomorrow are tracks I know like the back of my hand, so any difference to the power output should be noticeable. I've read the explanation as to how this plate works, and it makes some sense, but I will see for myself tomorrow, stay tuned....

I am very interesting in seeing your results and how you made it. I have also thought about making my own.

Do tell.

I am thinking of doing the same...

Maybe we all could do with saving a little money of our own..


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