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California to Las Vegas Ride Report (pic's)

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This will be my first attempt at doing a detailed ride report...

It all began last April, in California City, when my Lady and I went out for just a day ride. We stopped by the Riders Choice to pick up some supplies for the day, and like always, I get into a lengthy conversation with the owners and they mention a "day" ride they do to Stateline. :eek: Well the idea of that ride stuck with me.

I came home that night and immediately went on TT to do some investigating. I searched and searched and didn't find much. So I decided to post up a question about this mythical "day " ride. I received many responses to my post, many letting my know that my stock 250x will never be able to make the long trip. And thus began my build up for such a ride.

Allow me to introduce myself,


So once my bike was ready, desert tank, gps mount, skidplate, ect. I was ready to attack the idea of the ride once more. I had two fellow riders that wanted to do it along with me (Don and Ryan), and we recruited one more(Bobby)....I will formally introduce them to you later...let me hurry up and get into the ride....that's what I am sure your waiting for.

After many logistic meetings, equipment meetings, and well just any excuses to get together to talk about the "ride" we were close to being ready. I still did not know of the exact route to take or where to get gas. I mentioned to Bobby that a man named TattooArt on TT left me some clues. I showed Bobby the pictures and he says he know him! Great! He calls him up and bam he hooks us up with the info we need.

Tattooart Thanks! Without your help we could have been very lost without gas. :worthy:

So it was set....and we were off.

The trailer all loaded up...



Don bought a room in Mojave at the Motel 6 so we could get an early start,


afraid of the "crackheads" we parked the trailer as close as we could...


We had to go "out on the town" to get some more supplies...


Our command center...


We hung out on the railroad tracks, I drank a tallboy and then we tried to sleep...

These two trains passed going opposite directions right in front of us! I can't believe I timed the shot that well...


stay tuned...

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So we got up at 5:00am, I say got up instead of woke up because with the combination of the trains going by every 1/2 hour and the fact that the ac didn't work we all didn't get anymore than an hour sleep.

We staged right at the entrance to Cal City's riding area...


We got there around 6:00am. You know, right where the RV dump is. I think it was about 43 degrees out. :eek: That made for a cold start. We geared up and turned on the GPS's.

Here is the formal introductions...

Me...2006 CRF 250 X


Bobby...2007 YZ 450 F



Ryan...2008 CRF 450 X



Don...2003 XR 650 R



And Lori...she will be driving the chase truck...


Here we are all lined up and ready to rock. You can tell it's still really dark out. We ended up taking off at 6:30am.



So with it being that dark, Bobby followed me and used my line as a guide and used the lights from Ryan ans Don behind him. It was easier to ride in the dark compared to when the sun came up. As soon as the sun crested the horizon it was hard to see. We were headed straight for it.:worthy:


Once we passed the 395 I told them I wanted to go up ahead and take some shots of them riding past. The pictures came out pretty good. check it out...just passed the 395 on our way to Black Canyon.

Ryan haulin' ass...


Bobby gettin' some...


and Don bringing up the rear...


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wha!!!!!! more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YES! More.

Oh, and a couple more of Lori too, please:smirk:

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the start of a sic ride report.lookin forward to the rest of it.:worthy::eek:

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So onward we go. I am leading the first leg to Black Canyon, and on to Hinkley. We used Google Earth with the help of Tattooart's route to figure our own way to go. We needed to adjust his route due to the fact that we want to go all the way into Las Vegas. Taking his advice to slink in and out of the towns to get gas.

Our first break is a quick one. Just enough time to snap two pictures of the Canyon...


and one looking in the direction that we will be taking...


Here we are checking the route on Harper Dry Lake Bed...


Don riding circles around us "youngsters"


We made it into Hinkley on good time. The weather is starting to finally warm up, but not much. We find the road that brings us to the gas station that we need, of course getting stopped by a train first...



We made a quick stop for gas and a quick granola bar. I didn't get any pictures in Hinkley filling up. :banghead: But hey I am new to this who ride report thing. I find it hard to really pay attention to my task at hand with so much amazing riding to do. So far nothing too technical, Black Canyon was fun!

After filling up, my bike getting the best MPG :bonk: , we headed out towards Calico. All the rest of the ride will be lead by Ryan. He researched the rest of the way into Vegas. We had our race radios going so we could check with each other and keep us on the right track.

The ride out of Hinkley into Calico was the best trail on the trip. All 4th and 5th gear sweeping turns with some small hits thrown in there. Just enough sand to have fun with. :eek: Sorry no pictures...too much fun to stop.:worthy:

We thought the next section would be the most "technical" of the whole ride. I have heard of the trails in Calico to be tough at times. We picked a good line and nothing got too bad.

Here are some shots just past Irwin Rd. right before we headed over the mountains....



Don letting us know where he thinks we should go..he was right.


Fun with photoshop!


...and up into the mountains we go....

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Enjoying the report. The production on the photo's is great. Keep it up.

I'd love to do a ride like this some day!

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Into the mountains we head. Traversing the same canyon once run by silver miners of late. Them seeking riches, us finding wealth. The trails were beautiful, a bounty full of senses.

The weather was perfect the whole ride, it now was starting to warm up, I'd say it was around 10:30 now. I wanted to take off my jacket...and to which Don quickly responded, "you do and you suck"!

Naturally I didn't want to suck, see, I had a big enough pack to carry the jacket in. Don on the other hand...

If one suffers, we all must...:worthy:

Here is my favorite group shot of the whole trip. The composition is just right.


On this particular leg of the ride, there was a much debated section through the pass. We looked at it a few times from space. Ryan being the confident rider he is, states he is going that was way no matter the difficulty. That guy can ride, I on the other hand found a bypass that does not require, what to me looked like a cliff jump. He on the other hand thought it was just the lighting from the satellite image. Soon we would find out what the truth was. That section will be coming up shortly...

Here is the view from my perspective going through the canyon, doesn't that look inviting. I bet your mouths are watering now...


A quick check up on Bobby,


and Don,


Yup their doin' just fine. We needed to be in Yermo by 11:00am to meet Lori with the Chase truck. So we pressed on, making sure to enjoy every twist and turn, sight and sound we came across.

So up came the turn off for the route in question. Ryan shot off as we waited to hear what the verdict was. He soon radioed back stating that it's tight but totally doable. O.K. let's go.

About a 1/4 mile back into the "hard section" we came up on this...


No way...not even on a mountain bike! I'd say it was about a 75' drop to the bottom. Not even Ryan could do that one, and that kid can ride.

A shot looking back,


So yup, back out and around to Plan B. That worked out just fine.

With Ryan and Bobby in the lead now and Don and I hanging back I let ryan know that we were coming up on our first 100 mile mark and that I wanted to get a shot of where it happened.

Here they are,


And the surroundings, this was just NE of Calico Mountains over looking Coyote Dry Lake bed,


Some more shots of the crew...not even tired yet.







And now onto Yermo to gas up and eat a quick lunch. Hope that gas station has something good to eat I'm starving.

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