New Helmet

I have to buy a new helmet cause mine is hosed, need an advice.

I saw a Vega and a Zeus, i like the graphics on both but what do you think bros?

Both are Dot/Snell approved....!!

[ June 27, 2002: Message edited by: Bill ]

go somewhere you can try them on. COMFORT is the most important thing.

i just bought new helmet a fews days ago.untitled.JPG

i have a vega street full face helmet. i love it in the desert keeps everything out of my face. the price is right.

Because of fried hearing and inner ears also I have to wear the old fashioned open face helmet to accomadate the hearing aids. I can get by with a full coverage helmet for the street but to dirt ride no way. price I must pay to play.oldasdirt

PS. these hearing aids cost 1,800 a piece. :):D

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