Dirt bike love reflection...

Here I find myself...should I upgrade my 99 WR400 to the newest model...electric start, more power, better suspension...Upon stumbling upon a picture of my first ride from the 70's...so many fantastic memories on that little machine...little power, no suspension, a seat/height that ensured no offspring....but light and would love to be off the ground....Until something significant comes along....proven fuel injection, a 450 4 stroke that is under 240lbs that is comfortable to ride for hours...my steed is going to get an autodecompression exhaust cam for easy starting, some bar risers, fresh oil and an loving wash...

My first ride


Do you rememember the "Goodie Guard" That little leather pad with the strap that fastened between the seat and the steal fuel tank?

No matter what you put there you still smashed your goodies on every ride!

You should ride it until you blow it up. From what I understand of the old wr400, that could be a while.

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