Gearing on 2002 YZ426 with Rekluse

I have a 2002 yz426f with 14/45 gearing and would like to know if there is recommended gearing I should run when I install my Rekluse system. I ride typically on single track trails and powerline access roads. thanks

The original stock gearing was 49/14, which is considerably lower gearing than you have now. I would start with that.

thanks, I haven't tried a auto clutch and want to start off right

Whoa...I hope you are in eastern BC with that gearing because I would not want to try any western BC singletrack with 14/45 gearing! Definitely go back to the stock gearing as Gray noted and start from there.

I ride Vancouver Island, it's not flat the 14/45 is the gearing that was on bike when I bought it. I ran 13/48 on my DRZ400 and that worked fairly well.

You can't compare the final gearing different motorcycles because of differences in the primary reduction ratio between the engine and trans. Even within a single model line, this can sometimes change, as it did with the '05 YZ450. An '03 with a 48/14 is geared almost exactly the same as an '05 with a 51/14.

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