Air box/air boot clamp problems?

I took a little spill last weekend and the clamp that holds the air filter mounting to the air boot somehow became deformed and came off the clamping surface and was hanging around the airfilter. The clamp's allen bolt was still tight. The air box had a slight crack in it but it really suprised me that the clamp came off as I've put a hole in the side of and airbox before and everything else stayed intact. Anyone else have this experience?

i put a hole in my RMZ air box, i was able to epoxy it up.

I haven't had a problem, but I've seen several posts about the boot becoming disconnected at the filter flange for no apparent reason. May never have been correctly installed in the first place.

Looking at the micro fiche, there is the air boot, spacer, band and the air filter guide. The guide slides into the airboot and then my question is how is the spacer placed in relationship to the band? Where should the gap in the spacer be? Is it supposed to be under the bolt on the band so that the two tighten up together or opposite of it? I have the air boot tab lined up whith the air box and the guide correctly positioned in the air boot just not sure on the spacer and band as they had come off in the crash. Sorry, I don't have a dealer near by and I just got my parts and I want to make sure that I put it together correctly. Thanks.

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