Getting ready for LA to Barstow to Vegas

Have a WR400...need equipment advice.

Taller triple clamps with rubber mounts and dampener.

Bark busters

Autodecompression cam for easier starting

Camelback type gear for water and other gear.

Larger tank may be necessary.

GPS system

Any other gear and suggestions appreciated.

Thanks, Joe


certainly a tool kit with spare tubes, and a hand pump or co setup.

clean filter first, change all fluids, new chain.

I have also heard from a few people that those new pro taper pillow top grips pass on less vibration to the hands and reduce arm pump. I don't know if that's true, but if you are giving the old girl a once over they couldn't hurt I guess. How long is the ride, and how does it break down?

I would run Bib-Mousse (foam) tubes and Maxxis tires, just for the peace of mind that you're not going to get a flat. I also second the suggestion of filter skins.

I have a 4 gallon tank for that WR for sale if you decide you need one, pm me.

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