IMS or Clarke Tanks

Anyone know of any special prices or offers on either oversize tank? Can rad. braces be used with these tanks,(Works Connections),?


Does anyone make a OEM stock size tank?


Clarke makes a stock replica tank.

As far as oversize tanks, I've had both the IMS and the Clarke and in my opinion the Clarke is much better in every way.

I have the IMS YZ 3+ tank/seat combo and I love it. The only problem is the kick starter is hitting the tank lightly. I paid 299.00. I seen the clark advertise 264.00 or so. I just installed a T-4 for nexts weeks ride.

I have a clarke 3.3 gal.yz style on my wr with Devol rad. guards and everything bolted right up no problem's, the clarke tank was cheaper than the ims so it was an easy choice.

00 wr400

01 yz125

02 kx 60

01 xr50

Hey 696,

Check out my post on the YZ forum, "Trade Clarke tank..." We might be able to work something out.

Mr Toyz

I paid about $260 for a Clarke 3.3 gal tank and SDG seat about a year ago. Bought it directly from Clarke.

For $165.00 I just ordered a Clarke O.E.M. stock tank. I still want to keep the WR for the rare times we ride on the LONG trails. Thanks for the info guys, or ladies, I didn't know about the replica tank and thought oversize was my only chance. I almost killed over when I found out the Yamaha YZ tank was $315.00


I've got the Ty Davis Series IMS tank,3.2 Gal.and the One Industries seat.The Ty Davis tank carries the fuel very low,has a indent for the kick starter,low c.g.very good.You have to put a bow bend in the right side Works Conn.radiator brace so the tank wont hit.The tank also hangs lower on the left side,gotta fish for your choke button.Forget using the carb mounted hot start,the hot start button will pull out but pops back in,get a bar mounted version.All in all still worth it though,the price to carry capacity down that low.Like my technogrip seat.Bottom line Ty Davis IMS-$220.

Technogrip seat-$95

Dr.D Hot Start-$95

3.2 Gals. of fuel down low-PRICELESS


Ty davis also make braces for the rads, they are ment to work with the ims tank. i just got some of them

How do you guys reach the choke knob (with the IMS Ty Davis tank)? I have to lay on my back and use a long screw driver!!! Also do any of you guys know if the YZ graphics will fit on one of these tanks? thanks for any suggestions.

Since picking up my YZ400 a couple of months ago, I have decided that I will probably never ride my WR as my primary bike ever again....or atleast until I can replace the stock seat and TANK with a YZ model.

I went out this weekend to a really great riding area about 100 miles from home. I started out riding the WR since I just put on new rubber on Saturday. After riding my YZ for the last few outings I had forgotton just how heavy this pig was. After about 20 miles of bar busting tight stuff I was physically worn out....Back to the trailer for a rest and a bike change. The YZ felt 50 lbs lighter...Mostly from the tank weight I would think...But I rode it for the next 4 hours almost non stop...

I think I'm going to swap out the tank and seat next weekend so I will know for sure if the tank is causing the major weight and manauverability difference here.

Bonzai :)

I raised the needle one position and actually was able to start it with out the choke! Might take a little more practice to get it down but it beats trying to pull that choke.

i start mine without the choke. it does take practice. it takes me one to five kicks on cold days maybe more. and after that it only takes one kick when warm.

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