Are you in the mood for some good news???

Please read the following and take action. We are fighting for you but as always, need your help. Thanks, Paul

The House of Representatives has recently passed H.R. 3936, the James V.

Hansen Shoshone National Recreation Trail bill, which would connect 337

miles of off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails in northern Utah.

This bill has received praise from the Bush Administration, the BLM and

local Utah officials for creating a collaborative trail management plan

that includes direction from the Secretaries of the Interior and

Agriculture departments, the Utah Department of Natural Resources and

county governments. ARRA applauds Rep. Hansen's efforts to maintain

outdoor recreation opportunities in a way that is inclusive of Federal and

local land managers.

Be sure to write to your Federal representatives encouraging them to

support H.R. 3936 and to consider similar legislative approaches for land

management in your area. Please send the attached letter to your Senator

by clicking on the NEXT button. ARRA encourages you to personalize your

letter by adding your own comments in the box provided. It is always most

effective to personalize a letter.

If you cannot see the NEXT button, please visit the ARRA Action Center at

Visit to take action now!

Thanks, Paul.

I just did it. oldasdirt just posted the fax letter on another section of TTalk. This is what influences these kinds of decisions. Good work!


If we could just get everyone reading this post to send a letter we can make a difference. Thanks for the post :)

How do you get to the letter so I can send one off?

Go to the hyperlink to in pmaust's post. That will give you all the options for action. It's really easy.

It escapes me why we can't get more response to these posts. If we don't act, we will be shut out entirely. This is exactly how we lost millions of acres since 1980. Apathy. Thanks streetmoto, mitchr, and especially pmaust for your concern and your energy.


Thanks for the info i just sent mi letter. GOOD JOB ! We all need to stick togher no mater witch part of the country you live in

That was beyond easy. GO DO IT!!!!

thanks PMAUST

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