Looking for riding buddies........

Looking for riding buddies in Salt Lake City, Utah. My email is r1inkailua@hotmail.com or PM me. Thanks................db

Hey! I'm in Eagle mtn , Ut What do you like to Ride? Me and a big group are always planning rides. What would you rate your skill level 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

I'm in South Jordan. My skill level is a 9. I ride a WR 426F. Let me know when you are going next and I will meet up with you and your buddies. I also met another guy and we will be in contact with each other soon. Thanks for the reply...................db

P.S. I see we are in the same profession. HeHe........

Call me at 556-8082 if you want someone to ride with! My skill level is only about a 5 though.


Saturday or Sunday. I'll give you a call Monday. Laters.................db

330-7886 danny

I have available Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for riding. I ride 5-Mile, Knolls, Dunes and Jordan River MX track on day trips.




Check your PM.............I'll call you tomorrow.

We're there!! Riding on sunday! Everyone can come. Call me if you want to. :)


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