Greetings from a new old friend

Well, I have been lurking around reading the posts for about a year now. I just bought a "new" 2000 WR400 and thanks to all you excellent people, it now no longer runs like a tame little trail bike. Now that I am a true member of the thumper crowd I felt I was worthy to join, post, and thank you all.

There are not a lot of riding areas left here in Dreary Erie, but I am hunting for whatever I can find around my area (west Millcreek). My group usually trailer up our bikes and head downstate to the national forest every holiday weekend and some one nighter weekends all summer long. My 15 year old girl just started riding her 200 this year and we are going to Marrionville over the 4th and then to the Gap on Sat and Sun. If ya see us there wave a hand our way.... we will be the ones yer passin in 2nd gear.... at least on the laps when she is with me hehe.

Again, thanks to TT for all the tips and see ya on the trails!

Welcome aboard Jim! What took you so long? :D That is fantastic that your daughter rides. I can't wait for my 5 yr old to grow a little more! Everytime I take her to the cycle shop with me she wants to sit on the little bikes. Maybe, next year Santa will be very good to her. We just won't tell mom until after the fact. :):D

Took my 5 year old into the Yami dealer today and she jumped right on the lil bke there too. As we are going out the door she was alredy talkin about "her" bike. Hated to correct her into sayin "her size bike" but theres no way right now I can get one for her. The old Rupp is waiting tho... just a bore and piston away. Fraid its still a lil big for her yet and the binders are a lil too hard to pull. hmmm ... maybe a couple EZ clutches? hehehe

Knew my tag was looking not quite right.... I am sure there is something else I forgot.... oh well I added all the fluff just to introduce myself anyways. I will trim it to current rides after a lil while. Speaking of... anyone have a Hodaka 100 clutch layin around?

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