yz400 tight woods gearing "poll"

I cant seem to find how to make a poll here, or if there is one.

But I see two different trains of thought on it.

One is tighten it up to cure stalling and a few other things

The other is make it taller to soften the hit.

I used to ride two strokes, and I cant seem to get away from the "brake slide it in, dump the clutch, and power out" technique..... although I am working on it.

I just got back into dirt after 7 years of road racing (I grew up on dirt though) and found the gearing needs SOMETHING....

First was too short in MY opinion, making it hard to keep the front wheel on the ground, and I found myself shifting up and down from first to second more than I felt like I should. My first impression is to go up one tooth in the front to make first longer.

To fix it in the mean time, I found myself lugging it in 2nd instead, and leaving it there.

So, Go up one on the front, and make first more maneageable? Or Up a few teeth on the rear, and use 2nd more, and make first for really tight shit?

I belong to the "gear it taller" school of thought. It smooths things out, gives you a slightly wider spread between gears and makes you go faster through the 1st gear stuff.

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