hows the 450 cams running

Just like to no how the guys are getting on whith the 450 auto decomp cams is it still magic is there a dark side

or is the sunshine waiting for the rest of us warey types i hope it is still going good for you brave ones

Only two problems for me:

I have always said to my son (8 years old) that when he can start my bike then he is ready to ride it... Problem is now he can start it...

Second problem is remembering to move weight forward when I crack the throttle... though I am not complaining about the wheelstand monster, just gotta keep my wits about me...

Apart from those issues, it is a dream... who needs a 03 model when I have a perfectly good 02... I don't need no stinking e-start...LOL


Go get one, you won't be sorry!!!!!!


ok, so besides the fact that starting is now literally child's play (your son just proved with the cam, it made the bike more powerful as well? or powerful feeling anyway?

really thinking about that mod....


Sorry to butt in, but i cant help myself, heaps more power down low and much smoother, dont seriously think about it, just get one, check it out on the yz side up the top.

Quit asking and go put the cam in your bike the power is awsome!!! :D :D :)


i will, i will! lol

james :)

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