wr450 (08)ais want one help in the UK

Can you lads help i can not get one of the AIS removal kits here i the UK F2 racing sounds good,but i can not get onto a web site GYTS sounds good as i have lost my throttle screw (fool) so need a new one. Can you lads help thanks

Are you after a new throttle screw or a new pipe?

i am after a yz throttle screw and the ais removal kit

I got mine via the Web and then shipped here ti Russia. Did you try the Thumper Store, I got all of mine here, and I have a 08 WR 450

Can't you just order from a dealer?

Yamaha part number : GYT-5TJ93-69-01

if its a uk model you shouldn't need the throttle stop screw should already have the short one installed, but you will need the ais removal kit

Save your money on other more important things. The ais is bull... Remove the ais and plug the holes your self. And cut the throttle screw (thumperfaq.com)

i would cut the screw but i have lost it and the bike is not a uk model

The YZF450 Throttle Stop is p/n 5JG-14591-00-00. The retail price from the Yamaha dealer is approximately $10.00, I did not check the Thumpertalk store for a price. The Yamaha AIS GYT-R Removal Kit contains a YZ Throttle Stop, jets, a needle, blank off plate, vacuum line plugs and instructions. The kit costs approximately $50.00 from the Yamaha dealer.

The total length for the WR450F Throttle Stop is 35.7mm from end-to-end. The total length for the YZF450 Throttle Stop is 23.4mm from end-to-end. All YZF450 models from 2003-2008 use the same throttle stop. All WR450F models from 2003-2008 use the same throttle stop.

Yes, most of the "stuff"in the AIS Removal Kit is useless. However, if you do not have access to a piece of aluminum from which to make the blank off plate and the tools, skill and time to make the blank off plate, as well as find and buy the small rubber vacuum line plugs that are required, then the kit starts to be a good deal. The jetting is too rich in the kit, however. You would be happier with an OBDWR needle set on the 4th notch, a #45 Pilot Jet (maybe a #48 Pilot Jet because of your lack of altitude in the UK) and a 165 Main Jet. Start with the Fuel/Air Adjustment Screw turned out 1 3/4 turns and adjust for local conditions.

Try the Thumpertalk Store for your parts, they ship to Europe and I assume to the UK.

wow thanks for the info mate the lack of info here in the uk is bad and aftermaket parts nil

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