Suspension done

Wanted to let everyone know that i just go my suspension revalved from TBT Racing ( the front forks only ) and wow what a differance. Most definately worth it! Can't wait untill i can afford the back. Looking forward to race at SIR friday. See ya at the races.

I'd be willing to bet that after the race, your first thoughts will be "Man, I gotta get that shock done, it's trying to kill me!"

Having the forks done will now allow you to test the limits of the shock. You WILL notice a difference...


How much? Where is TBT located? I would love to get mine done also.

John, I was just talking to Travis yesterday at Sky River. Nice guy and very very busy....

Here is his site web page , he's in Redmond near the junction of 520 and Redmond-Fall City road.

Mr Toyz

[ June 27, 2002: Message edited by: Mr Toyz ]

Thanks for the website. I looked at it and have a call into them. The price sounds reasonable. By the way, do you have a membership at Sky River? I want to join but do not want to spend the $250. I am trying to find a way to get the corporate membership rate... Any ideas?

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