Anyone use IRC M5B rear tire?

Thinking about trying one....suppose to get great traction. I want to try a 130 size; will it fit?

I have used it before

They wear well.Big tire.I would buy one again. They used to be a bargain.Think they cost more now. I dont remember the size I got.130 sounds big.

The 130/80 is actually like a 120/100 in a regular yes it'll fit on the back of the big DUB.

Tall knobs. Insane hookup. Tried this tire on the back of my bud's CR 250 in tacky sand loam and OH MAN! In loam and tacky clay type soils this tire on the back of a 450f could litterally climb a wall. In the dry/rocky stuff you'll chunk it fast if you're abusive with your right hand.

They have a soft sidewall and are flat-prone, in my experience.

Hook up like crazy in a straight line, though.

Big and heavy tire. All you need is the 120/100. Great for sand and mud and good straight up acceleration. I wouldn't recommend for MX unless the track is all sand.

Use to use the 140 m5b IRC in Calif.Great for hill climbs,play riding.Too soft for BAJA

130 with no problems here. the tire hooks up like crazy in soft loamy dirt. i have only riden on it once

Good traction, even when worn, but the rocks will beat it up quickly. I had maybe 4 or 5 side knobs left on mine (I rode it waaay too long before I changed it :worthy: )

Like eveyone else said. Great in loose/ soft, sucks in rocks.

I disagree about it being a bad tire in the rocks. I think it works great just doesn't last as long in the sharp rocky terrain. Even when worn, it hooks up very well. The only tires that I have tried that don't seem to chunk much at all in extremely sharp rocks are dunlop 739s and Maxxis IT's - both these tire suck for traction in anything wet IMHO. For a sof terrain tire an IRC M5B lasts much longer than a Michelin S12 or a Dunlop 756 and gets equal or better traction everywhere accept maybe lateral traction...

Just my biased 2 cents though... see for yourself!

Your right on with your info MB :worthy:

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