NorCal Rider - Downeyville Ride July 13-14

NorCal Riders, Monty and I will be camping and riding the Downeyville area July 13th and 14th. We will be camping at the Cal Ida camp ground. Come join us for some fun riding. Paul

Paul I will take friday off the12th see if you can get it off and we will go up friday morning, should be a good time.


Ok Monty.

I don't think I can make it that weekend, but I ride alot in the Washington CA area. beautiful area and great riding, Have fun :)

THANKS Mitch wish you could go by the way were is the washington area and how is the ridding there? we have to plan a trip up your way we are always looking for new place and people to ride with.


Originally posted by MONTY:

THANKS Mitch wish you could go by the way were is the washington area and how is the ridding there? we have to plan a trip up your way we are always looking for new place and people to ride with.


Washington is 2 ridges and 2 rivers south of Downeyville, on the south fork of the Yuba river. I am pretty sure you could ride from Downeyville to Washington, but a round trip would be a long day if not an overnighter. I think you would start from Goodyears Bar and work your way towards Alleghany, then over towards Graniteville. Once at Graniteville you could pick up the Graniteville-North Bloomfield road, go west to Gaston Grade, and south on Gaston Grade down to Washington. I have all the USGS sectionals and could probably route it.

The best way to get there by highway is off of S.R. 20 north-east of Nevada City.

Washington is a mining town that was established in 1849. Many of the original buildings are still in use today. There is a general store and a bar. The bar is a lot of fun :) Sometimes there is a hotel, but I don't know the current situation. We have always riden our dirtbikes in town with no problems from the sheriff. The only time you will have problems there is this week, the July 4 weekend. A bunch of tough guy Harley riders always come in for the weekend and stir things up. The sheriff gets edgy and starts 'enforcing the law'. The rest of the year is fine.

The Yuba runs right through town with public swimming access near by. My family has a cabin with a little property right on the river about 2 miles upstream from the town. Mitch R has been coming to the cabin with our family since we were all kids.

Like everything else in N Cal, the riding is best when there is some moisture in the ground. It is low enough (2500 feet), that we can generally ride all winter. We do go during the summer, but it is pretty loose and dusty. Some of the upper creek canyons stay decent through the hot months. We know lotsa trails and places to go :D

I have been wanting to meet up with you guys for one of your rides, but it always seems like there is something that gets in the way. The 13th/14th I have two races to choose between already. But I would like to plan a ride later in the year. On our property we have room for at least a couple big trailers and parking for about a dozen other vehicles. There is also space to camp out. The first time around I would want to keep it kinda low-key, like maybe 12-15 people at the most. But that would probably be plenty to accomodate your 'group' (monty, pmaust, retSr, the 2 mikes, the couple of dudes from the northbay/wine country that chime in once in a while, sorry if I left anyone out) and maybe some of the TT NCal regulars (husagas, EgoAhole, freestyle111, Wakeman, jschner, JRR, others?) and my little group.

What do you all think?? Should we try to identify a weekend??

BFLee, man that sounds like fun. We will definately have to do that run one of these days! Thanks, Paul

Lets bring this up again after the 14th and plan something.

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