Acewell Computer flashes-need battery?

hey everyone. i have an 02 yz426 that i'm street legaling and it's pretty much done but i've run into a problem. it has a moose 55v stator, acerbis DHH headlight, and a baja designs brake light kit. The bike and lights are all working but dim at idle. Now that i've tried to install my Acewell 3200 computer the bike won't start unless the computer is unplugged. Once the bike is started, i can plug in the computer and it will turn on but flash like crazy.

*my questions*

1)So do i need to run the comp off of battery power instead of the stator power?

2)If so, what battery should i use that can power the computer, and power the lights while ideling.

any help will be greatly appreciated! :worthy:

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